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As if I needed to reiterate how much I love Free People: check out this stunning, romantic short film, “Roshambo”, featuring the Free People Febuary 2013 catalog. I cannot get over it.

Can my life be this Free People short film?

Who else still plays roshambo to make decisions? I know I do.

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  1. louise said:

    I love it! Was enchanted the whole time, and yes thats how I make life decisions. Is there any other way?


  2. Carmen said:

    It’s so pretty and so adorable too! My bf and I still do that when we make decisions 🙂

    Carmen Ri.

  3. Amanda said:

    Naw so damn cute .. piedra, papel, tijera = rock, paper, scissors =) I might need to start doing that again… seems very effective =)

  4. Just learnt something new!…..roshambo is another (better sounding) name for rock paper scissors! 🙂 I’m gonna use it next time. Delectable video, nice music too!

  5. So beautiful. The styling is absolutely perfect, but then again, Free People always has amazing styling. And that looks like Marnie’s ex boyfriend on Girls! xE

  6. Hey!! My kid does play Roshambo all the time… and i love it!!!

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