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Here is a better look at my Modcloth Valentine’s Day photoshoot!

Just wanted to spread a little love for this hump day.



_SOO-0299_SG (1)


_SOO-0150_SG (1)

_SOO-0137_SG (1)

_SOO-0052_SG (1)

_SOO-0020_SG (1)

// All photos credit of Modcloth //

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  1. These are great shots with seriously cute outfits – did you style yourself!?

  2. anna said:

    you’re so beautiful in these pics!!! so so lovely!

  3. Leah said:

    Stunning! I love every photo!

  4. Modcloth is one of my favorite online shops! I’ve never actually bought anything because the prices are outside my tiny budget it’s nice to window shop and dream. I love the sweet cute dresses.

  5. Kristian said:

    What an amazing and fun photoshoot! How fun!

  6. Amandine said:

    Lovely pictures! You are so pretty ❤

  7. Jen said:

    Gorgeous photos, Jennifer! You look lovely 🙂

  8. Aw so cute, you look so stunning in all of these photos!

  9. maria said:

    are you a model for them? you look stunning!

  10. Jackie said:

    Wow, these are great photos- you’re stunning!!

  11. A. said:

    You are seriously too cute. Stop it.


  12. this is sick! Good on you 🙂

    x Domenic

  13. Oh. My. Goodness. This is so amazing! You look beautiful! What a great opportunity!

  14. sophia said:

    this is epic amounts of adorable. a lovely shot! you look seriously perfect in each one of these shots!


  15. Keit said:

    ^_^ Freakin gorgeous as always!!!

  16. Lara said:

    So adorable! This came out so well! Congrats!

  17. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Did you want to follow you each other? I’m going to follow you now on Bloglovin’ 🙂

    I’m so in love with this shoot you did. Such a great opportunity to team up with ModCloth! You look like you born to be a model and look amazing in all the outfits! So cool!

    xoxo Akinyi

  18. OMG so cute! Congrats, you look great! Blowing hearts,<3 I love it!

  19. I totally love these pics, you are reappy beautiful!

  20. Richelle said:

    Super cute photos. I hope to see you on Mod Cloth more often. Their styles really look great on you.

  21. Susy said:

    this is just too cute!

  22. Rachel said:

    these are totally adorable! love it!

  23. Khatu said:

    too cute!!

    Enter my Olivia + Joy giveaway.

  24. Jo said:

    Oh wow wow wow! You did a brilliant job – Modcloth too of course! These are truly stunning!

    Lost in the Haze: A Fashion Photography Blog

  25. jane said:

    Really cool shots! Congrats!

  26. amalie said:

    oh my gosh these are sooo sweet!! you look stunning x

  27. You look absolutely adorable in these photos – ModCloth couldn’t have picked a better model for these outfits! xo

    • Thank you Tieka! That means a lot to me coming from you since I know what big ModCloth fan you are! 🙂

I adore each comment!

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