Sacramento fashion week x Spring/Summer showcase

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Last Friday I attended my first fashion show as part of Sacramento fashion week. Crossroads Trading Co. graciously offered to sponsor me as a CTC Reporter, which, if you follow any of my social media outlets, you were made well aware of. You were also probably aware that I apparently cannot tweet and watch a fashion show at the same time; a few of my tags were mistyped! I swear, the free wine had nothing to do with it! Free wine? Oh yes, it happened. The show was running late so everyone was let into the VIP pre-show party held in the underground (emptied) pool of the Elks Tower Ballroom. It was a really cool space to host a party and an even better space to drink free wine. Did I mention the complimentary wine?

Unfortunately I did not have a functioning camera for the fashion show and I am probably the lone illiterate iPhone user. I cannot for the life of me get a decent photo of anything on my iPhone (unless the conditions are naturally perfect). That is not normal is it? Isn’t the iPhone supposed to make us all photographers?

Without a working camera, my plan was to beg politely ask a photographer there to take a few outfit shots for me, but I chickened out. Instead, I re-created the exact outfit I wore and my lovely friend Erin snapped a few photos for me. This is obviously not the lovely Elks Tower Ballroom, but the parking lot behind it. When we pulled up the the ballroom, it was evident that they were clearing out all the fashion week-ness and we had to go elsewhere. If it makes it up to you, I actually did park here that night.



// Jacket: Something Borrowed // Pants: Urban Outfitters // Shirt: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Hat: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange //

I was a bit worried getting dressed, I’ve never been to a fashion show. I’ve seen street style photos of people at New York Fashion week and Paris Fashion Week, but what do I wear to Sacramento Fashion Week? Then, I just wore what I wanted to wear and what made me comfortable. I really love the 70’s vibe of this outfit and it is definitely going to become a repeat outfit.

Also, my shirt looks like grandpa pajamas, and that is exactly why I bought it.




As with all fashion shows, there are going to be some hits and misses. Sacramento definitely had more hits than misses and I was pleasantly surprised at the talent budding in our city.

My favorite designers out of the bunch were Rebecca Cahua, Monica Buo, and Maisha Bahati. This Spring is all about bright colors, patterns, textures, and tailored pieces. The pieces not only flatter a woman’s body, but for the most part, they were ready to wear. It’s nice to see ready to wear on the runway making it easier to envision the trend and reinterpret into your own style. Not to say there wasn’t the occasional giant flower dress or futuristic, bondage pieces highlighted. It was a fashion show after all.

Check out the official Sacramento Fashion Week Facebook for photos from the runway!



Anyone else have trouble finding high waist flares long enough to cover their shoes, or is it just me? I’m not even that tall!

All photos credit of Erin

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  1. I haven’t looked for a pair so I can’t tell you… but I am tall so I generally have a hard time finding jeans that are long enough for me 😦

    Super cute hat and coat!

  2. I think you look great for a fashion show! Congrats on going to your first one! They are pretty freaking awesome right? I love your jacket!

  3. Love, love, love this! The proportions look amazing on you!

  4. That 70’s look suits you so well!

    • fifiphi said:

      Whoops, love how I accidentally pasted a link about fries instead of my signature. My apologies. Is “I love fry?” explanation enough?

  5. colinechavaroche said:

    Too bad i can’t understand everything you wrote but anyway the hippie chic outfit is very beautiful 🙂

    Coline ♡

  6. vanesa said:

    Adorable look! I’m loving your hat. 🙂

  7. Despite it’s a thrifted top, I think it’s really nice. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive don’t you think? =)

  8. These. Pants.

    holy good lord.

    But I’ll back track.
    So amazing that you got to attend Sacramento Fashion Week – and sponsored, too! I bet you felt so damn special. Seriously, I would have been having my mind blown. VIP parties – wha whaa?

    I’m the same way – too scared to ask people to take my picture. Glad you recreated the outfit though, b/c it’s KILLER. Need need need these pantalones. Seriously. Did not know urban had such fantastic ones. Was just about to buy a light-wash similar Jbrand pair from Anthro, but might hold off. They hit you perfectly on the waist.

    killin it girl, per usual.


    • Nice Outfit the jeans are a dream 60!!!
      Do you want to follow eachother?
      Kisses ! Have a stunning day!
      I wait for you for a very interesting post!

  9. abigail said:

    sounds like it was an amazing experience! but then again what event with free wine isn’t? so cool that you got to see some up and coming talent firsthand. and you look great doing it, love those grandpa pajamas!


  10. Marina* said:

    I like this look… the bets is this amazing jacket 🙂

  11. vendy said:

    hi dear love this vintage look especially the hat…
    great blog btw what do you think to follow each other? i’ll wait for you on my blog…
    kiss and happy day

  12. JanM said:

    I found my looong pants at (surprisingly) Pacsun! The fit of their pants are great. Urban Outfitters also has them. I love you outfit in the photos and I LOVE Crossroads Trading. I just wish they had a store close to my (new) house. 🙂

  13. You chanel the Elle McPherson so well! I love your flowy long hair with the hip hat…the leather jacket and the jeans are perfect together!

  14. annie said:

    What a cool event! You are looking fabulous…love those jeans on you, love the hat, and that blouse is so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. laura said:

    it’s a lovely outfit to wear to a show, I think! That hat is lovely!

  16. vogueandheels said:

    I love the outfit and the pictures! Very pretty.


  17. Tara said:

    I have to recreate outfits all the time when I forget to take photos or just don’t have the opportunity to do so. I love the pattern on that shirt and the hat is the perfect accessory!
    Penniless Socialite

  18. Shayla said:

    looove your style pretty lady! 🙂

  19. Sam said:

    Super cute outfit from you. I guess a girl got to do what a girl got to do. I do the same thing about always forgetting to take pictures. I have a spring launch to go to this Saturday and thinking what to wear but thanks to you I will do the same. Wear what makes me feel comfortable and fabulous. Thank you Jennifer for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts.


  20. Ewelina said:

    Looking nice girl:-) Btw why don’t you wear a lipstick??? You have beautiful lips. You would look great with a lippy on


  21. Congrats on being sponsored. I love the jacket and the denim is my favourite! Happy weekend. 🙂 /Madison

  22. Emma said:

    This is so pretty! It’s so hard to dress for events that expect you to be stylish, isn’t it? I love what you came up with, though! And the hat is perfect 🙂

  23. Lisa said:

    Those flares are amazing! Great outfit, loving the 70s vibes and the colours you’ve put together. Beautiful!

  24. Amanda said:

    oh wow this look is so damn hot !

  25. Charity said:

    you are so 70s chic, I can’t even handle it.

  26. Love your look!!! You nailed the 70s style!

  27. Alison said:

    Absolutely loving the 70s vibe here! You have inspired me to whip out the old wide leg jeans:)

  28. Totally agree with your suggestion.. Very nice post and good information here..Thanks for posting that….

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