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Happy Friday!

What do all you lovelies have planned this weekend? I’m mostly winging it with a little Spring cleaning and antiquing thrown in. What more does a girl need for a good weekened?

  • Listen to this: She & Him “Never Wanted Your Love”. Yessssss, I’ve been waiting for a new She  & Him album! I love She & Him. Well, mostly She becaue I don’t know Him. Not that I personally know She, but I know her from TV and movies, and I only know Him from She & Him. Are you lost yet? She & Him has the perfect throwback sound to compliment Zooey’s hauntingly beautiful voice. Also, I am obssed with their Christmas album. I may or may not listen to it throughout the year. And when I say may not, I definitely mean that I do. 
  • Read this: The No Limites Job. This article from The New York Times is quite troubling. While I am not in a situation like this, soon enough I will be starting over with my move, and my hopes for finding a job are already dim in economic times like this, but also knowing that companies are focused on hiring those who will do anything for nothing, especially in the creative fields, puts a larger weight of worry on my shoulders. Are you in a similar situation?


  • Watch this: The Hangover 3 Trailer. So. Excited. That is all that needs to be said. I know you are excited too. P.S The addition of John Goodman? Epic.
  • Eat this: Angel Food French Toast. What? What?! Jessica has the insane ability to create exactly what I am craving, even if I don’t know I am craving it. The second I saw this recipe on How Sweet It Is, it’s all I have wanted. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before. Does it not sound like a mouthful of Heaven?


  • Wear this: MinkPink. Perfect for the free spirit who dresses for fun. Totally boho, rocker chic. Love. It. Especially perfect if you’re looking for festival wear.


  • Blog love: Calivintage. I adore Erin’s edgy, vintage style. She has a great balance between the preppiness of vintage style and the edginess of modern style. She has grown her blog into a brand and a business and is always on top of new designers and swoon worthy street style. Erin is totally on top of it and in about as high demand as a blogger can be, for obvious reasons! This is one multi talented blogger!


My Friday Fail on this fine Friday is no fail at all. It’s the first time in Friday Favorites history that I do not have a fail, but that in itself is a fail, is it not? But it is not for lack of failing, believe me, there are plenty of fail photos for the archives! It is because I wanted to share this Friday Awesomeness instead. As part of my Spring Crossroads Style Council package, I recieved this amazing illustration! I am in love with it!


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  1. Kelli said:

    I was excited when She & Him first started performing because I was a long time follower of both of them (him in music, her in film). I went to see them in… I think it was 2009, & she was just awful. They came on the stage an hour and a half late, leaving fans waiting for them outside in brutal heat, & then she spent most of her time on stage complaining about how hot it was. It felt like performing was the last thing in the world she wanted to do. Unfortunately, I’ve heard other people have had similar experiences with their live show. Boohiss!

  2. Leah said:

    Great post! I love MinkPink dresses. The hangover trailer was funny. Especially the part with Alan driving with the giraffe. LOL. That french toast looks delish.

  3. Emmylou said:

    Happy Friday to you too! You know, I didn’t know John Goodman is in Hangover 3…epicness:)

  4. Ooh that article is sadly quite true! I do HAVE a job but it is low paying luckily I don’t work overtime. But I have been for the past 2 years been trying to find the all elusive better paying job with a salary and benfits, but I am still treking on. I hope when you make the move you have good job luck! good luck this weekend with the antiquing!

  5. G.TA said:

    I love She & Him too!! =`)


  6. Gosh, I listen to A Very She & Him Christmas all year round too! It’s like an obsession. And I love the illustration!

  7. Faith said:

    I’m so excited for Hangover III !!!

  8. Hey Jennifer…thanks a whole lot for stopping by & commenting at My Soulful Home! Just visited you & listened to to Zooey & He. Did u see that I featured her singing her Valentine song on 2/15. If not, come on back for a listen…u moving? Where?
    ** Kelly **

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