Seeking Style x Stella & Dot trunk show

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One of my favorite hobbies, past times, things to do in life ever, is shop. And I can really shop. There are times when I like to shop alone, especially if I know what I am looking for or if I really want to take my time thrifting. There are times, though, when you need your friends. How am I supposed to know if I actually like that dress if my best friend isn’t there to tell me that it makes me look good?

I consider us all friends here. We have simiar interests, we convene in one place to talking about them, and I shove my opinions and recommendations onto you, not caring if you’re interested or not. So, why shouldn’t we shop together? Just because we may be seperated by hundreds, or even thousands, of miles does not mean we can’t be friends and therefore partake in girlfriend traditions.

I am really excited to announce that I have partnered with Stella & Dot to host an online trunk show for all my friends! That means you! What is better than a gathering of friends and super cute jewelry for affordable prices? Well, I would add food in there, but like I said earlier, we’re most likely seperated by a ton of miles and by the time I mailed out appetizers, they’d be stale. So, let’s stick with the jewelry.

Stella + Dot Trunk Show

The trunk show is open from today, Wednesday, March 13th to Wednesday, April 3rd. THREE whole weeks to shop Stella & Dot with me!

I am sure that you know Stella & Dot. Celebrities and bloggers wear and rave about Stella & Dot! And for good reason! Here are some of the many pieces that I have my eye on!

jabeile's Story

// Kathleen Necklace // Leona Pendant Necklace // Luna Wrap Bracelet //

Some of my favorite celebrities rock Stella & Dot! That’s how I know I need these pieces. What? You don’t shop based on what celebrities are wearing. Liar.

jabeile's Story

Let me know what pieces you like and what you end up ordering! You can leave a comment here or tweet me and Stella & Dot to share!

Stay tuned for an exclusive Stella & Dot giveaway announcement on Friday!

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  1. Sofia said:

    Wonderful post.
    If you get a sec, check out my latest 2 posts ‘Channeling Audrey’ and ‘Nautical with Orange Accents’. Hope you like it.

    Have a great Wednesday,

  2. so sweet! I will be joining in 😉 even tho I’ve shopped til I dropped this month lol. omg..I think that necklace was made for me ;). xoxo

  3. Morgan said:

    How fun! I’ll definitely go check it out – I’ve been loving some of Stella & Dot’s new stuff!

    See Mo Go.

  4. Kari said:

    I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine–I’m so glad you did, because now I can read all about your awesomeness:) This is a great idea! Ok, now back to perusing your past posts and wanting to steal your style.

  5. kiwifashioblog said:

    This is so cool since I just got two Stella and dot pieces recently. I’m loving the five stackable rings 🙂

  6. Amazing!! we see us there!
    I wait for you for a NEW LIGHTNING OUTFIT!!
    Have a nice day!!

  7. vogueandheels said:

    Oh I wish I could of gone! Those necklaces are lovely.


  8. Haha, I think you need them too! I love these pieces and Stella & Dot always have such a great selection. Enjoy! xo/Madison

  9. allison said:

    Haha so true we all stalk celbes 😀 Love your blog you are so funny! good to see someone take their passion with humor 🙂

  10. Such gorgeous jewellery, will definitely be checking it out! Thanks for this shopping experience! xxx

  11. Sam said:

    wow, that an awesome partnership. And Stella & Dot has great pieces too. Thanks a bunch for visiting my blog Jennifer and for the sweet thoughts.


  12. Elana said:

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  13. Awsome blog! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am bookmarking your feeds also.

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