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Hey it’s Friday again!

You want to know how badly I needed it to be Friday? I tried to put my sunglasses on over my regular glasses yesterday. Super uncool fail.

But that’s ok, because I have some cool things to distract you from your last day at work until the weekend. Unless you work weekends. Then I feel sorry for you. Been there, done that.

  • Listen to this: Icona Pop. Talk about fun! This is a dance around your house in your underwear, using a spatula as a microphone. Why a spatula? Because you’re making cookies, duh. Not because I like to dance when I make cookies, not at all. It just sounds like a fun thing to do. If you’re into weird things. Just listen to the song that I’m sure you’ve heard about twenty million times on the radio already. I’ve been in a dance pop mood lately. It must be Spring!
  • Read this: My Life in France by Julia Child. Julie of Orchid Grey mentioned reading this book on her blog and I made a note to put it on my reading list. Now, if I ever get to my reading list, this will probably be at the top. Honestly, the only things I know about Julia Child are from the movie Julie and Julia, which I feel lame admitting, but that is all the more reason to read this book. She is fascinating to me and I barely know anything about her, so imagine how much I will love her when I learn more. 


  • Watch this: To The Wonder movie trailer. I admit that I am not sure what this movie is about, but I do know one thing: Rachel McAdams can do no wrong. Exhibit one: Obviously, The Notebook. Exhibit two: Morning Glory. Shut up. I really liked it. Exhibit three: Ryan Gosling. Even if they aren’t together anymore, it still counts. So of course her new movie is a must see. And Ben Affleck doesn’t hurt the movie’s cred either. 
  • Eat this: Chocolate Peanut Butter CupcakesI’m sorry, if you are on a diet or just generally eat well. This will ruin all of that. Have you ever had peanut butter frosting? It is Heaven. Literally, I would like to die and go to a Heaven in which all I do is eat peanut butter frosting. Oh, and then you cover it in chocolate. What is going on? Is this real life? Can I survive on this cupcake alone? I would like to try. 


  • Wear this: Vintage Shoe Company. Have you ever noticed that all of the best shoes are always credited as “vintage”? It drives me crazy that all these amazing boots are nowhere to be found unless they are hand me downs from what must be the coolest mom ever or the rarest of rare thrift find. Be jealous, no more! In comes Vintage Shoe Company. They keep the fine art of shoe making alive.

FireShot Screen Capture #090 - 'Vintage Shoes- The Official Website for Vintage Shoes and Boots' - www_vintageshoecompany_com

  • Blog love: Missing Lovebirds. I adore this girl’s funky vintage style. She has the best thrifting luck. The best. I am constantly jealous of her finds and I secretly wish I could follow her as she thrifts and pick up all the things she decides not to get, because even though she isn’t getting it, it’s probably still better than what I have the ability to find. To even be as half as cool as she is, is my new goal in life.


Friday fail!

It sure is hard work to be a blogger.


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  1. I love this so much! Thank you so much for sharing. The little I know of Julia Child is also from Julie and Julia, sadly. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

  2. I baked cookies for my classes this week, so no cupcakes for me…but man, they do look good!

  3. I saw the film about Julia Child and I loved it!!

  4. Oh man those cupcakes look so tasty I can’t even explain it. I love peanut butter frosting!

  5. Tanja said:

    love the cupcakes and that song! Also, I will check out her blog, looks like a nice one 🙂

  6. Lauren at adorn la femme said:

    Was LOL ing when you said it is hard work being a blogger! It sure is sometimes!!! Love the cupcakes~ how decadent! And, I must see this movie! Thank you for a beautiful blog,

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  7. sheree0819 said:

    OMG that kids make me keep it on repeat everyday so they can listen to it over and over..I was just saying that I need a new song, all the other ones were getting so played and than tada..this one arrived..LOVE!
    Sheree xxx

  8. My diet has been officially ruined. My god, those cupcakes!!

  9. i really like whatever you’ve included in this post.

    simply fabulous!
    mmm…drolling over those cupcakes!

    love your blog!!

    the best,

    p.s. i came across your blog by accident and i just love dyour site.

  10. Jana said:

    Hey guys, i’m currently doing a survey on blog readers for my bachelor thesis. You would help me a lot if you could take 5 minutes of your time to answer the questions:
    Thank you so much! Love, Jana

  11. Your blog is seriously one of my favorites, you have great taste in music and movies!
    The first time I heard the Icona Pop song was on GIRLS and it changed my life, can’t get enough of it.
    I am counting down the days to the until To the Wonder comes out, last year I went to the midnight premiere of The Tree of Life. So good!

  12. Carmen said:

    This whole list is wonderful! I want to make those cupcakes and stuff my face aha, they look too delicious.

    Carmen Ri.

  13. Kari said:

    Awesomely cool list! I can’t wait to check out the vintage shoe site. It’s impossible for me to find true vintage shoes also. This is just the thing I need–and those delicious cupcakes:)

  14. Nik said:

    I love Julia! I have to read that book!


  15. Oh my goodness those cupcakes, and the vintage shoe site!! How amazing!!! I need to try my hand at making those cupcakes, and I have to check out that vintage shoe site.

  16. tania said:

    at least the outfit is cute!! love the jacket

  17. lulila said:

    Very nice outfit I love It!

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