White picket fence syndrome

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I had a bit of a scare with the blog on Monday. WordPress suspended it for the better part of the day, and although it is back up, I am still not 100% sure on their reasonings. I bet it was for being too awesome. That can cause a lot of problems on the internets. Looks like it might be time to buy my domain name, eh?

How was your Easter? My grandparents hid Easter eggs (now you know where I get my awesomeness) and I ate my weight in cake. Then I went to try on clothes. There is never a better time to try on clothes than after eating a large meal, an oversized piece of cake, and a brownie. But, alas, we could not help ourselves. We pass the best Goodwill on the way home from my grandparents’, and we always stop. My Easter egg findings helped to fund quite a few cute summer pieces!




// Top & Pants: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Shoes: H&M // Jacket: LA Fashion District // Hat: Urban Outfitters //

Is this not the cutest, little storybook street you’ve ever seen?

My best friend took these photos for me the weekend she was in Sacramento to go wedding dress shopping with me. Hey, thanks best friend! Across the street is a dirty, abondoned, graffitied laundromat, you know, to even out the cuteness.






I am definitely one of those “white picket fence” people. I want a white picket fence, ivy and bright flowers, and a big porch to sit and read a book on, while I watch my kids play in the yard. I want it in a quiet residential neighborhood, but that is walking distance to shops, restaurants, and what nots. Basically, I want the perfect life, to live in a movie, a romantic comedy, with the conclusive happy ending that jumps ahead in time to ensure you know that it does indeed end in a happily ever after. Who wouldn’t want that?

Have you heard of “white picket fence syndrom”? It is having a state of mind where a person blindly holds on to the idea of their perfect lifestyle, regardless of how attainable it is. Oh goodness, if that is not me in a nutshell, then I don’t know what is. Unfortunately, ignorance is bliss for me. I am so going to be bit in the ass later on in life, aren’t I?

Do you hold on to unrealistic expectations for life?



Pigeon toed much? No wonder I’ve never been able to walk in a straight line.

Want to see something awesome?

Thought so.

iWExKF on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Yeah, things get interesting when I shoot with Alyssa.

Just wait until you see the fail portion of this on Friday!


All photos credit of The Fan Files.

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  1. The suspension thing happened to me, too! They told me it was a “glitch.” No worries – you should be fine!

    Loving the colors in this outfit!

  2. Cutie! I love those pants.
    And I totally think a “white picket fence” mindset is better than being too “realistic”.
    Dreaming big (and maybe a bit unrealistic) is more fun 😉

  3. RoselyC said:

    Some call it unrealistic expectations I call it dreaming big, and they always say dream big or go home. So my expectations on my life are humongous!

  4. zahra said:

    Love this post – and I think it is healthy to have unrealistic expectations as a motivational tool to do something in life- its better than just being ‘whatever’ about everything!


  5. Jen said:

    Lovely photos! Really like the warm tone to the pants and the floral print blouse is so pretty! Sounds like you had a great Easter! I also ate my weight in food at a buffet. It was so worth it 😉

  6. adorable outfit! I love the idea of the white picket fence as well 🙂

    Salem Style
    Crocheted With Love in Salem Massachusetts

  7. Chelsea said:

    those brown tones do suite you so well! adorable outfit!

  8. I bet it was because your blog is so awesome and your grandparents are awesome and those pants are awesome and the color scheme is awesome. One day, you will have your white picket fence. I am sure of it.

  9. I LOVE this outfit. You look gorgeous and have such beautiful skin and freckles 🙂 just beautiful

  10. Maria said:

    What a wonderful spring look!

  11. Martin said:

    love your pictures
    very very beautiful

  12. Katie said:

    Love this, the print is amazing!

  13. HAha, yayyyy for Easter egg hunts!!! Sounds like a pretty awesome day! (I also ate wayyy too much dessert)
    I’m loving this outfit and the photos! So much fun 🙂 And yes, I want that too, except I want a house in the forest, then everything else you said, hahaha…

  14. amy said:

    oh how much i miss easter egg hunts!! so jealous you got to have one. 🙂
    i love your top here, it’s so pretty and i love the 70s vibe of your outfit.

  15. this look is a great mash up of seventies carefree whimsy with nineties reality-bites attitude…. love it! wish we could see the laundromat, i love a juxtaposition of things dear and gritty.

  16. regina umali said:

    nice photos! love the outfit too! and the gif is so funny..:)


  17. ohh I just LOVE how you´ve matched the tan coloured pants with the denim jacket! looks amazing 🙂

  18. i LOOOVE the burnt orange colour of those trousers, so perfect!

    Katie x

  19. nico said:

    Jennifer you are so gosh darn cute! I love catching up with you and you know… I think I have white picket fence disorder too! Maybe we can attend rehab together : )



  20. You loook awesome! Love your hair and the cords!! WOWOW! you look Coachella ready!!! You are such a Rockstar!
    Big Hug
    xo Beckerman sistas
    xxo BeckermanBitePlate.com

  21. Gorgeous pictures, you look great! I think we all have unrealistic expectations when It come to life!

  22. Diana said:

    Great outfit, dear! I love it. It look so sunny (:

  23. Ashley said:

    Loving this outfit, doll. Goes perfect with the backdrop- that street is seriously storybook! 🙂

    Whoaaa, bummer WP suspended your account- how weird?! Glad you’re back up and running!


  24. Rachel said:

    Haha you crack me up. Love this outfit!! And I love the shot of you jumping over the fire hydrant, haha. ps: Sorry if you get this all the time, but you remind me a bit of Rachel Bilson. I think she’s gorgeous, so it’s definitely a compliment!! People tell me I look like Anne Hathaway and I’ve never ever understood it. I swear I’m just destined to be forever compared to anyone with dark hair.

  25. abigail said:

    what a beautiful place to shoot, you look amazing among the flowers. and of course i too want it all. a craftsman by the beach in venice, a loft in soho, a charming flat in london, and a sweet little studio in paris. le sigh.

    abigail lind

  26. Nice outfit and funny gif 🙂
    I don’t want a white fence (France is not so much a white fence country) but, just like you, I want to live in a quiet place (surrounded by trees) that would be walking distance to shops (especially the bakery) 😉 Hard to find (but we did!)

  27. Love the print of your blouse..
    some call it unrealistic expectations some call it dreaming.. as long is it doesn’t cross the line of being delusional I say it’s fine.

  28. Emma said:

    I love this outfit- the colors are perfect! I’m the exact same way about wanting a white picket fence. Someday!

  29. you look fab as always!


  30. great pictures! i love the colors and all of the little outfit details.

    Love Me to Pieces

  31. cecile said:

    beautiful photos – and my god you make a good case for getting a white picket fence…


    Cecile In L.A.

    • Rosh S said:

      I am following you back on Bloglovin 🙂

  32. Hi you look great, that shirt is so nice!!…would you like to follow each other? xx

  33. Marie said:

    GORGEOUS!, I love that you use those unique gifs!!!

  34. Love the post! Good to go is my favorite!!!! It is the most amazing
    Every outfit is so beautiful and stylish!
    come and see my blog if you have time
    Check my latest post!

  35. Haha I want the white picket fence house too with the porch and yard. You’re not alone! I want a garden so badly too. I think it’s the apartment living that makes me want that stuff so badly. Maybe someday.
    That’s pretty scary about wordpress suspending your blog! Glad that got worked out!

  36. Jac said:

    I absolutely adore this outfit. Something in me is leaning more towards boho and looks with a more 70’s vibe, and this is just perfect 🙂
    xo Jac

  37. Sheila said:

    Great look! I love the blouse. 🙂

    xo – Sheila

  38. I love this boho look you have here (and in most of the other posts), and I love your character 🙂

    I just bumped into your blog and after scrolling through your posts, I must say I really like it 🙂 How about we follow each other? 🙂

    Kisses from Zurich,

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