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It’s 7:57 p.m. on Sunday night and I have been awake approximately 3 hours this entire day. And not in a row. That is what being sick is like. It’s a bummer. On the positive side, I had a lot of colorful, very detailed dreams. My dreams are usually so detailed that oftentimes I mix them up with real life. When I woke up from one particilar dream that I thought might have been real, I had to confer with Ugly Mug to make sure what was or was not happening outside my bedroom door all day.

In other news, I just got my copy of the Spring 2013 issue of Zooey Magazine, in which I had an article published! It is surreal to see my words and name (although, my last name was misspelled), in the pages of a magazine. I’m working on getting a digital copy to post here, but if you absolutely cannot wait (which, obviously) feel free to check it out on newstands now. Actress, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is on the cover.

And now something you’ve all been waiting for: A honest to goodness, real outfit post!



// Top: Thrifted via Freestyle Clothing Exchange // Hat: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Crossroads Trading Co //

Bright colors! It must be Spring! This is the most color I think I have ever worn, like all together in my life. I like it. I am definitely going to consciously incorporate more color into my wardrobe. Maybe into life in general. We even painted an orange accent wall in our bedroom this weekend, and liked the color so much that we expanded that into two accent walls. Ugly Mug now wants to paint a third wall, nixing the accent wall idea, and possibly painting the fourth wall a beige or taupe. After all the painting and rearranging is done, I will be sharing a bedroom tour on the blog. Aaaand now I have to since I said it, so let’s hope it turns out like it looks in my head! The pressure is on.

Oh and these boots. I stalked these boots at Crossroads for months until they went on sale. They were in the new goods section and although I was in love, a $70 price tag brought me back down to earth. Good things come to those who wait; On an unsuspecting Sunday afternoon, I found these babies, in my size, in the half off section. Done and done, wham bam thank you ma’am.





Thank you to Erin for these photos!





All photos credit of Erin

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  1. Louise said:

    Such a cute bright post! Congrats on the publication 😀


  2. Oh my gosh congrats on being published, thats so exciting! Love this outfit all of the colors are so fun and that hat is super cute!

  3. Congrats on the article! I hate being sick and my dreams are very detailed too but often so crazy that I know they were not real (to my knowledge I don’t think unicorns can come up through the ground to stab you). I love your bright cords!

  4. Jules said:

    So sorry you’ve been sick. Ugh. Hopefully you’re on the mend. Congrats on being published. It’s such a great feeling, isn’t it?


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  5. When I was recovering from my past operation, I too was having very weird vivid dreams. I kept mixing them up with reality. I love the bright pants and hat, perfect for spring!

  6. danielle said:

    love the colors, you look great!


  7. Leticia said:

    love your outfit!!!! this retro vibe is so lovely! beautiful hat!

  8. Jackie said:

    I love this outfit and seriously would never find a top as nice as the one you’re wearing in a thrift store. Believe me, I’ve tried!

    Congrats on getting an article published, but wow, I can’t believe they misspelled your name.

    xoxo Jackie

  9. The colors in this outfit are so cool and 70s-tastic! I love those pants and the fun print on your top too. You look awesome!

  10. Leigh said:

    You absolutely need to wear this exact outfit again in the fall! The colors are absolutely gorgeous! Love the whole thing!

  11. Looooove this outfit
    What a beautiful colors

  12. couturetrend said:

    I complete in love in your look!! Is awesome

  13. What is not to love about this radiant look?
    I am so in love with your flawless combinations of colours and congrats for your feature.

  14. Style by Three said:

    Hi girl! Congrats for you blog, just adore your style! This outfit is prefect!
    Following your blog on facebook and bloglovin!

  15. you’re amazingly pretty! love this outfit!

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