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Guess what? It’s a new blog series; In What I Thrifted This Month I will be showing you… drum roll, please… What I thrifted this month! Or, in this case last month, since today is May 1st. First post for a new series and I have already failed. Bear wtih me, though.

Thrifting is not only necessary for me, I cannot begin to estimate how much money I have saved over the years by buying discounted clothing, it has now become a bit of a game. It is my form of hunting. Can I find the latest trend? Can I find those perfect pair of boots I have been lusting over, but cannot currently afford? Can I even make a little extra cash selling my own clothes? The answer is yes. I can and you can too. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try thrifting at least once. If you’re not into the idea of wearing someone else’s clothing, you can also score all types of goodies for your home at stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, or even your local flea market. Don’t even get me started on flea markets. My gushing over flea markets requires a whole other post.

Why would you let the perfect dress, or shoes that were made for you, but just had to go through another person first to get to you, sit in such close (and by God, affordable) proximately and be stolen by someone else? Remember my New Year’s Eve dress? Thrifted. My favorite boots? Thrifted. The blouse from Monday’s post? Thrifted. I could go on and on, but I will let the photos, and my future outfit posts, since it is a rarity when I am not wearing a thrifted piece, speak for themselves.

April brought me scores from Goodwill, Thrift Town, The Salvation Army, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, Buffalo Exchange, and, of course, Crossroads. I found so many brightly colored and patterned pieces for Spring.

*When I “thrift”, it includes consignment stores like Crossroads, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, and Buffalo Exchange, as well as what people consider the “real” thrift stores, like Goodwill and Thrift Town*





I was extremely lucky with shoes this month. I am always looking for shoes, especially boots, when thrifting. I love that they come worn in and scuffed up.






April Thrift Finds

Writing it out makes it seem like I have a problem. Actually, I fully admit that I do have a thrifting problem. A shopping problem in general, actually. Thank God for thrifting, or else I would also have a debt problem.

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  1. Jules said:

    I LOVE buying consigned stuff. I’ve found some really amazing things including a vintage Chanel wallet, Gucci purse, and Dior and Escada jackets. A St. John suit too! You can find really fantastic stuff if you search.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. i’m going to love this series. i love thrifting….the ‘thrill’ of the hunt…..finding a total gem. and the challenge in hong kong is actually finding these experiences. the chinese are very superstitious when it comes to wearing second hand items (or buying them for their homes) because of the idea of the spirit that inhabits the clothing. but, they’re coming around. there are some good things to find here. at my local salvo (now shut) i found prada and miu miu heels and a cool zara blazer.

  3. Kari said:

    Awesome finds! I love this post idea, because it will help me be more adventurous. I always go to thrift stores, but have never really bought any clothes. You have such great finds, though, that I want to try my hand again:)

  4. Love Love Love your style! Need to hit up the thrift store soon all these photos are making me want to shop

  5. shoutouttoyou said:

    Amazing finds… and love your new idea of showing everything that you’ve thrifted in a month! Really want to visit the US for their thrift stores!!

    x Jony

  6. mili said:

    Man, you have so much success thrifting! Whenever I go, I come out empty handed 90% of the time. Loving all the colorful prints you found!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  7. Sam said:

    What a great post! I never find good items when I go thrifting, so that’s why I stopped doing it, haha. You really found some wonderful pieces! Those shoes are brilliant.

    x Sam

  8. Jen said:

    I love thrifting! You’ve really found some fun pieces- loving all the vibrant prints and those cranberry-coloured boots are great! 🙂

  9. wow girlfriend, i need to take you thrift shopping with me because i usually have a horrible time finding anything worth cash flow. great finds!! love those clogs btw

    glad i stumbled across your blog!



  10. Ginny said:

    I love thrifting 🙂 great bright pieces!

  11. Danica Stark said:

    Absolutely great finds!

    Hey there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it.

    I already followed you through GFC, so if you can please follow me back, that would be great. If you already followed me, then thank you.:)

    Keep in touch!
    Lovely post!

    Please follow and visit me 😀
    Danica Stark

  12. So many pretty prints in those photos! Sounds like you found some great items!

  13. Loving this post – so original ❤
    You really do have a lovely blog, just stumbled across it now

    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and bloglovin’?
    If so let me know and I’ll follow you right back

    My blog is a fashion/lifestyle blog!

    Speak soon,
    Have a lovely day
    Much Love,
    Kate xo


  14. hi dear! Nice blog!
    Do you want to follow eachother? I wait for you soon!
    There are more about wedding chez moi!

  15. Emmylou said:

    What great finds all around! I’m drooling over all the shoes you got. I used to thrift a lot when I was in university…must find the time to do it again especially nowadays when everything is just so expensive.

  16. Sharon said:

    I am so impressed by your thrifting! I’ve gone to my GW a bunch a times and sometimes I can score something good and other times I leave empty handed. I really wish there was a Buffalo Exchange close by….I’ve seen a lot of bloggers get wonderful finds there.

    The Tiny Heart

  17. Yuli said:

    My goodness, I am loving these prints!

  18. anna said:

    Love thrifting! Also I’d love to throw swap parties. My friends bring some amazing old items. Also I stop by Goodwill at least once a week.

  19. Mrs C said:

    Jennifer, I LOVE YOUR STYLE! Reminds me of Nicole Richie 🙂 I’d love to do some thrifting but unfortunately living in Dubai it is not something that is heard of! Looking forward to seeing more good finds of your and thanks for visiting me 🙂


  20. vogueandheels said:

    I am loving how you have a lot of color and florals on your closet. I’ve been obsessed with florals this spring!


  21. Birdy said:

    I love that you can thrift and this outfit rocks! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  22. macie said:

    love all these patterns and colors.

  23. Love all of these fun colors! I love thrifting. Theres a Buffalo Exchange here in Philly that I always go to!\

    xo Chelsea

  24. oooh fun! excited about this new series!


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