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Is it just me or are knees a total bitch to shave? I constantly have hairy knees and it is not for lack of trying. I currently have knicks on both of my knees. Not cool razor, not cool. So, it’s Friday. Yes, it may be late, but it still is Friday! I had the pleasure to, once again, shoot with ModCloth today and I am still on a high. They are so great and I cannot wait to see and share the photos!

I am headed back home for a short visit, some wedding dress shopping, Mother’s Day celebrating, and family time (even if I have to force them).

Do you have any Mother’s Day plans this weekend?

    • Listen to this: Emeli Snade “Next to Me”. Ok, so this song isn’t exactly new. It’s been overplaying on your radio for quite some time now, but guess what? I’m still not sick of it. I actually grow to love it the more I hear it. I hope it’s played even more into summer; it is such a cranked up, windows down, warm sun on your face kind of song.
  • Read this: What it’s Like Shopping at Forever 21. I know you have shopped at Forever 21. In fact, I know you still do. I do. I’m not ashamed. Actually, I am a little ashamed when I am walking through Forever 21 and I am the oldest person there. By, like, a lot. But then, I find the trend I’m looking for, for super cheap and I am back to knowing that it is ok to shop at a store that is supposedly inappropriate for my age. Reading through this reminds me how overwhemling the store can be though


  • Watch this: Candidly Nicole. I don’t know how this has been a thing for two weeks and I just found out. I am in love with Nicole Richie; her style, her humor, her cutest little family. I’ve followed her since The Simple Life (shut up, you watched it too), and now I can get my Nicole fix not only on Fashion Star, but on her new AOL show, Candidly Nicole, based on her random thoughts from her Twitter feed.The first episode is about her tramp stamp. Need I say more?


  • Eat this: Blackberry JamThis is a strange recommendation, even for me, but I made this jam last night and all I want to do is eat it with a spoon. What would be Heaven, and truly embarassing to admit, is that I could sit down with this jar of jam and a jar of peanut butter and go to town. I am basically Joey Tribbiani. I am selfishly happy that Ugly Mug was not checking his bag on this flight to New York this weekend, and therefore this gift for his mom had to stay home with me. I promise to make you a batch next time Mama Ugly Mug!

photo practice3-004

  • Wear this: Lauren Moffatt. So cute. Just so cute. Just look at it. Look at it here. There are more than seven things I can see in the first thirty seconds on this website that I would like to have in my possession right about now. Anymore time spent on this site will put me in debt.


  • Blog love: We Wore What. I first found Danielle through Instagram and after stalking liking all her photos everyday, I finally wondered why I didn’t subscribe to her blog. She has quickly become my favorite blogger and go to when I need some inspiration. Is it going to far to say that I would trade closets with her in a second? She probably wouldn’t be too happy, but I know I would be!


Friday Fail; Jazz hands style!


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  1. Carrie said:

    I hear ya on the knees – I hate when I put my hand on my knee and realize it’s stubbly (again).
    I have found some great things at Forever 21, but I really feel like I’m getting too old to shop there! I was in the junior’s department at Macy’s recently and felt weird and old when I overheard a gaggle of 14-year-olds yakking about a text from a boy. The store should schedule 25-and-older shopping times so I can browse in peace. 😉

  2. Love love love the outfit with the dress and the ankle boots. And Emeli Sandé is my hero. Can’t stop listening to her songs.

  3. Melody said:

    Yea shaving the knee is hard! I always cut myself behind the knee for some reason lol Thanks for letting me know about Nicole Richie’s show, I had no idea. I just watched two episodes, she is hilarious!

  4. lippylash said:

    I loved this post! Hairy knees: check! Loving Nicole Richie: Check (and of course watching the SImple life: Salasaa salasaaa. You might not remember that part but you have to sing it 😉 )

  5. ola said:

    thanks for danielle 🙂

  6. Leigh said:

    Hahahaha Loved the Forever 21 story!

  7. Melli said:

    I hate shaving my knees! I think I get it done well and later in the day, I still see fuzz! Ugh!

  8. kellen said:

    You are so cute! I love your humor…this was a fun post to read!


  9. I really like your friday favorites as usual!

  10. Blackberries are my favorite!! I LOVE them. Blackberry jam is the tastiest!

  11. Laura said:

    totally agree on shaving knees, ha! and blackberry jam sounds amazing:-) x

  12. I will have to check Candidly Nicole out! I haven’t heard of it but I know that girl’s got style!! x

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