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There are several reasons why I love Sundays. One of the biggest reasons are weekly flea markets. I cannot think of a better way to spend a hangover Sunday than perusing what is basically a giant thrift store. I love the handmade treasures, the antiques that you only thought exsisted on eBay, and of course, the clothing. Oh the clothing. It is hipster heaven; I have never seen so many perfectly frayed, high waist denim shorts in my life. And I bought a pair for $15. A pair identical to those sold in stores for upwords of $50.

If you are looking for anything for your home, I recommend checking out your local flea market first. Even if you don’t think your asthetic includes rustic, paint chipped night stand, just wait until you ultimately find the perfect, unique piece. We got a night stand this weekend and I am excited to find more treasures for our new home together.





// Dress & Purse: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Boots: Thrifted via Thrift Town // Hat: Marshalls // Necklace: Brandy Melville //

Can I get a high five for finding this gem of a Free People dress at Crossroads? Sure it has loose threading and the bottom gets caught on the zippers of my boots, but its Free People and so worth it. It is probably more of a winter dress, but I had to wear soon after I found it. I am hoping to squeeze a couple more wears out of it before I would be getting heat stroke walking around in the Los Angeles heat. Also, I cannot say that I won’t rule out cranking up the air conditioner and just wearing it at home.

Also, new bag!






Ugly Mug was so impressed by the Melrose Trading Post that he wants to go every Sunday. That is a Sunday routine that I can definitely get behind. I would also like to take up the practice of brunching. Yes, it is just a fancy way to say that you slept in and have decided to eat a hearty breakfast at lunch time, but it is just the right amount of pretentious that I could use in my life.

Do you have weekend traditions?





If you are in LA, be sure to check out the Melrose Trading Post!


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Love a great flea market! Digging your outfit here too. The dress looks so comfortable and the hat gives it a nice urban touch

    The Marcy Stop

  2. Katie said:

    Flea markets are great! So is your outfit! xx

  3. So many amazing things and finds, but unfortunately we don’t have a flea market here.

  4. You dress is gorgeous on you, I love the colours! Flea markets are some of my favourite places to go, perusing through loads of items. xx/Madison

  5. Wieteke said:

    I’m in love with this dress!! I know how happy you must be, i’m thrilled with a gorgeous thrift find as well:D x Meant To Attend

  6. Jen said:

    Gosh, I love flea markets! One of my favourite ways to spend a weekend afternoon. The dress you’re wearing is fantastic- super flattering and the texture is so interesting! xo


  7. I would love to roam around a flea market! I have no idea if there are even any close to where I live without having to go into the city…
    Anyway, you look so awesome in this maxi dress!

  8. Ha,Ha..I LOVE Sundays too, always been my favorite day of the week. I laugh because I was so hungover today and then realized it isn’t Sunday, it’s Tuesday!!!!!! Don’t judge, we celebrated Memorial Day on the actual day is all! Sounds like an amazing way to spend a Sunday and I am all about brunch..but I am pretentious like that 😉
    sheree xxx

  9. I thrift on Sundays too. The flee market near our place is always bustling on Sundays, even when it rains. Beautiful dress. I like it on you.

  10. We love thrifting! We try and visit our local flea markets whenever we get a chance. What could be better than going on a (unique and odd) treasure hunt with your bff? Great post.

    XOXO Nensi & Natasha

  11. Ellie said:

    Love your hair. Have you checked out the Rose Bowl Flea Market? It’s like a gold mine.

  12. Keit said:

    Man, I wish we had flea markets here. 😦 Alas, my country sucks at making something creative or new for that matter 😀
    WOw, that dress!!!! *_* Hot!

  13. oomph. said:

    i spy a cute turquoise mirror! i love going to flea markets, too. just wish we had better ones here.


  14. RoselyC said:

    Flea markets are great fun places. You always find something good.

  15. abigail said:

    nothing like a good flea market to really get the juices flowing. and what an outfit for a sunday or brunching and thrifting, yowza! love the photo of the two of you in the mirror, such a gem.


  16. gorgeous photos! love flea markets. i should def include more of those and brunches in my life.


  17. Leigh said:

    Yes you deserve a high five for that dress! Awesome find! I want to start perusing through flea markets really bad! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a hangover 😉

  18. Josie said:

    That hat is amazing! I also adore that dress on you – it’s something I would probably never wear but it looks so perfect on you!

  19. This whole outfit is just perfect 🙂 The hat, the maxi and the fringed bag were a match made in wardrobe heaven!! x

  20. h said:

    You are some kind of beautiful!

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