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My shins are covered in bruises. Like “Hey, did someone take a baseball bat and go to town on your shins” kind of way. I’ve been taking boxing classes the last few weeks and my poor legs do not appreciate when we do kicks on the bag. Also, I don’t have gloves yet, so I actually tore skin open on my thumbs. I am hardcore, ya’ll. My muscles love me though; they tell me by screaming in pain and soreness. It’s our secret code, it’s a good thing. Promise.

I guess I will still be wearing pants for a while.

So, it’s Friday! Any weekend plans? I am going to a BBQ tomorrow and going to see Mumford & Sons on Sunday. Solid weekend!

  • Listen to this: Daft Punk. Blah blah blah, over played, blah blah blah, been there done that. Shut up. You know you still love it as much as I do. What would summer be without a statement song that makes you want to turn it up and dance no matter how many times you’ve already heard it? We need songs to be over played. Over played songs give us parodies, create memories, and get stuck in our head and stop us from falling asleep. This song has almost 44 million views on YouTube. I told you that you still love it.
  • Read this: Zach Galifianakis Takes Former Homeless Woman to Hangover 3 PremiereWell, shit. Who knew Zach Galifianakis was just about the sweetest damn thing on the planet? The best part is that he’s known her and been taking her for years; it’s not just a one time publicity stunt. You guys, he pays for her rent and makes sure she always has food. He is like a super hero faux grandson.


    • Watch this: Conversations With a Two Year Old. If you know me, kids are my weakness. Specifically around the ages of two and three. One of my favorite people in the world happens to be a two year old. So, I am pretty excited about this YouTube video. Kids really do say the darndest thing and re-enacting it with a grown man not only makes it funnier, but also a bit creepy. In a good way, of course.
  • Eat this: Frosty Light. This is a healthy version of a Wendy’s frosty. It wouldn’t even be the worst thing to have on a hot morning for breakfast. And it’s good. Really good. And now I want one. Best of all, it is paleo and vegan, so you won’t feel any bad rumbling in your tummy after drinking it. I was way too excited to make these last weekend than any normal person should have been. It isn’t even a real dessert, but it does taste like one! You get your sweets and your summer abs!


  • Wear this: One Teaspoon. The Aussies really know their style. It seems like the best brands are from Australia. There are so many wide legs, flowy tops, florals, frayed edges, prints, and just sigh worthy pieces. If one, or one hundred, pieces from this site showed up in my closet, I certainly wouldn’t be mad.


  • Blog love: Le Dressing De Leeloo. I don’t know French, but I don’t need to know what her blog says to know that I love this chick’s style. Unless her blog says “This is not me, and I hate the style in these photos,” then, I would like to know so I can not love her. But until that happens, I will love her and applaud her for her awesomeness.


Friday Fail!

I was clearly not impressed with this location.


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  1. Jen said:

    Fun favourites, as always! I looove Wendy’s Frosties, but haven’t had one for years. May have to try this out! And I saw the Conversations with my 2-year-old video a few days ago and died laughing 🙂

  2. abigail said:

    i love everything by one teaspoon. aussies are really nailing it fashionwise and probably beachwise and lifewise. that frosty light recipe just made my weekend. get in mah belly!


  3. Amanda said:

    Oh that youtube video is damn cute.. Haha and so funny! Kids around that age are so cute! Totally agree

  4. Carina said:

    How cool is Zach Galifianakis to do this! Seriously, this should be an inspiration for other famous people!

    Haha I love your face in the last pic! 🙂
    Oh and I could use such a frosty right now mmhhh!

  5. Paula R said:

    I love it! Amazing post, good favorites!

  6. norbyah said:

    oh my goodness….that french chick’s blog is uh-may-zing….thanks for sharing….

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