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June gloom is in full effect in Los Angeles! Most don’t enjoy June gloom, but I think it is a nice break from the heat that LA gets. Dreary skies have the same effect on me that sunny days have on most people. I know that makes me sound like a depressing person, but I just think grey skies are beautiful. And I get to wear hats and my denim jacket without sweating, so it’s a win win.

Big props to Ugly Mug for waking up early this morning to snap these photos for me before work. What a stand up guy I have!




// Dress: Thrifted via Freestyle Clothing Exchange // Denim Jacket: LA Fashion District // Boots: Thrifted via The Salvation Army // Hat & Bag: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co //

My favorite part of this dress? It looks and wears like a long pajama top, and that is ok with me. My mom will be thankful that I do wear little spandex shorts under,  just in case. Even so, I can picture her face cringing, and I understand, the dress is a bit shorter than the normal fingertips rule. This is my version of living on the edge, you guys. So badass. Badass baby doll dress.




I am getting ready to go to San Fransico for the weekend for a friend’s wedding. I am hoping to have some time to sneak away to check out a few thrift stores, but it will be cutting it close. If there was ever a place to go thrifting, it is San Francisco!

We are totally winging this trip: no transportation, no planned hotel accommodations, not a huge allowance for extras. It will be an experience!





If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may have seen that my new Modcloth campaign is up! Check it out here! I am so very excited. Oh, and don’t worry, once I get the high quality copies, I will be posting them here because I am just that narcissistic proud of them!

Can you see my excitement?? And my modesty shorts.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. I’m loving how you styled this dress! And I checked out your Modcloth photos … you look stunning!

  2. Katie said:

    Love this look! So nice for summer, it’s amazing! xx

  3. Ellie said:

    Love all the colors of your outfit and great dress : )

    I also really enjoy June gloom. I think that June is the best time of year in LA.

  4. great shots from someone that just woke up to take your pics!! my husband would probably be like, we can do those later hahah!!
    great dress!!! I love it!! I have one that also looks like a pajama shirt so I always wore spandex shorts under just in case too!! haha! love your boots btw! I feel like I’ve already told you so in another post, I want them!!!! 😛

  5. I just posted about june gloom too! At least it keeps the weather cool but still warm enough to wear cute outfits like this! Great dress. I really love how the color pops in the gloomy weather 😛 ! And cute red booties!


  6. Lola said:

    Lovely look, perfect for summer, x

  7. Us guys appreciate the modesty shorts. The flashing distractions are good to avoid. Matching colors like cheerleader outfits is a good compromise. Beach wear at the beach.

  8. Kristen Snell said:

    I love this outfit!!

    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  9. Leigh said:

    I love the weather that lets me wear my jean jacket with everything! Sounds like a win to me!

  10. said:

    What a lovely post:) you look FAB in that cute dress.

    If you like Bardot fashion inspiration…check out my blog:)

    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria from

  11. Jen said:

    Loving this! I’ve bought a couple floral-printed babydoll dresses simply because they remind me of all the dresses I wanted to buy back in 1994 (but couldn’t because I was 11 and had no money ;)). You look fantastic and the last shot is so fun! xo


  12. Amanda said:

    Oh the dress looks so gorgeous on u! Oh and I want those booties!

  13. A really sweet look on you. And i love the fresh background.

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  14. abigail said:

    your modcloth pictures are gorgeous, you’re the perfect pin up! love the yellow background of the floral dress, it looks great on you and i can never get enough of 90s floral and denim.


  15. Cerys said:

    very pretty 🙂 Have fun in San Francisco. I love thrift stores but I live in the UK and my friend thought thrift stores were where people bought drugs!
    – x Cerys x –

    • Cerys said:

      Also, my mum sounds the same as yours aha!

  16. Ashley said:

    You have great style, I’m glad I stumbled across your blog. You have killer hair!

  17. Emma said:

    Looking super fabulous.. All you need is a stylish pair of sunglasses for women with this outfit, and you would be out of this world.. 🙂 XOXO

  18. Kari said:

    So cute! Awesome dress:) Have a great time in San Francisco!

  19. Ginger said:

    how cute!! I love the 90’s – the music and grunge look holds a special place in my heart 🙂 Following you on bloglovin, hopefully you can take a look at my new style blog if you have a moment! Take care

    Ginger @ Chic by Night

  20. kasia said:

    You loook stunning 🙂
    Like to follow each other ???

  21. cute! you are totally rocking the 90s babydoll dress. and congrats on the 2nd modcloth photoshoot – super exciting!


  22. I like how this has a 90’s feel to it. And congrats on the Modlcoth campaign.

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