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These photos were snapped at the airport last week, coming up to San Francisco for a friend’s wedding. I love going to weddings; free food, free booze, and lots of dancing and love. What’s not to enjoy? It definitely made me more excited for my upcoming wedding! For now though, I need to get through our 7 year anniversary on Friday and Ugly Mug’s birthday on Saturday. Things will be low key, but I have a couple surprises I am working on for him, including agonizing over the perfect birthday cake recipe! I take my cake seriously.

Speaking of cake, what is it about traveling that makes you just want to eat junk? I think the break from your regular routine makes you feel like those days away don’t count and won’t effect you when you return home.  Did I need to eat two desserts each night or go out and get a milkshake after the wedding buffet? Actually, I probably did. I have a major sweet tooth. I also have major guilt. Those two do not mix well together.

I like how in my last Friday Favorites post I wrote about how I eat clean and I just confessed to stuffing my face for the last three days. To be fair, I did say it was 90% of the time. What good is a free meal if you can’t enjoy yourself, am I right or am I right?



// Dress: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange // Jacket: Via Crossroads Trading Co // Boots: Thrifted via Thrift Town // Sunglasses: H&M //

Yeah, I’m bringing back the bicycle shorts. I know you see them. I wore them to be seen. Also, the dress is just that short. Maybe it’s supposed to be a shirt, or maybe I’m just too tall. I’m usually too tall for dresses to be an appropriate length. I’m only 5’8″, not a giant, but it seems like dresses, shorts, and skirts are just a couple inches from being decent enough. I usually brave it, but this was a windy day. I had a couple Marilyn moments waiting for our ride outside.

Honestly, when I bought this dress, it didn’t even register that there were deer on it. Maybe I didn’t look close enough, or I was just enamored with the collar and pleats.





All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. I like the biker short with the shirt dress, especially with that prints. Good luck for the birthday plan, it will be an awesome cake pretty sure. 🙂

  2. RoselyC said:

    I love sweets too, well who doesn’t. I didn’t realize it was dress I thought from looking at the pictures that it was a shirt. Looks great either way.

  3. Keit said:

    I have a similar dress, also very short and shorts are the answer 😀 Even biker shorts are better than showing ass 😀
    Honestly, I don’t like weddings, they’re so freakin boring!
    You look absolutely lovely!

  4. Travelling is definately all about the food, and if your on the road then that probably means junk! Love the pattern on the top very cute

  5. I absolutely adore this dress! I think the style and shape of it is gorgeous and I love the bicycle shorts beneath it actually! I have the opposite problem to you, being 5’1 I spend a lot of time getting things taken up because they’re always too long & things being too long makes me look even shorter!

  6. ashleigh said:

    Hey Gurl!
    I found your blog through a comment you posted on dulce candy’s blog. Your blog is so good! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow 🙂 Ill be doing a giveaway at 100 followers that I would love for you to be in to win.
    ps love your top

  7. amka said:

    love the dress, shoes, and glasses!

  8. whitney said:

    love the biker shorts, and the cute printed dress!

  9. Emma said:

    Cute! I really like the dress with the biker shorts. I’m the exact same way when it comes to traveling– I have a massive sweet tooth that I somehow have an easier time justifying when I’m flying!

  10. Annie said:

    Weddings are the best! You look SO cute…love that dress and love those awesome ankle boots 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. Hello 🙂

    Thanks for you comment. I must say – not in a creepy way but your have stunning lips!
    Congratulations on your engagement too.

    Do you live in California permanently then?
    I miss that place so much!


  12. Kallie said:

    Oh man, I’m 5″2 and the skirts on most dresses are scandalous. What is that all about?

    I love this, especially the bike shorts!!!!

  13. abigail said:

    love the pleats and couldn’t agree more re: the face stuffing while traveling. i am totally guilty of the same but you just have to go with it and enjoy the shit out of those well deserved sweets.


  14. I feel like I’m getting to that age where everyone is getting married so weddings are a calendar constant for us. I like the push to bring bike shorts back and I adore your tunics print. Now if only I could look as effortlessly cool as you when I travel…

  15. This look is amazing! I love the jacket over the dress and the boots! Perfection.
    Totally agree on the wedding thing! Free booze and live music is always a good night 🙂


  16. I love your dress and the deer print looks super cute. Hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming wedding ❤



  17. I love this dress so much! The deer pattern is adorable, and also your hair looks really nice!

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