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Today marks the 7 year anniversary for me and Ugly Mug. Did I ever tell you how we met?

Seven years ago, when my friends and I were moving down to Los Angeles, my friend, Kady, told us she knew a friend from high school in the area and would talk to him to see if we could stay with him while we looked for apartments on the weekends. He agreed and the next thing we knew, we were driving to Los Angeles and pulled up to his apartment sometime around two o’clock in the morning. That is when Kady decides to tell us she has never met this person, it was the brother of someone she knew of in high school. A mild heart attack and a prayer when we woke up in the morning alive, we became fast friends with him. Being that he was the only person we knew in LA at the time, we spent a lot of time with him, and soon with his friends. Enter meeting Ugly Mug. We tagged along with Nick on one of his productions and Ugly Mug was there, taking behind the scenes photos. We didn’t talk that day, but he did take a picture of my butt while we were hiking through the woods. So romantic. Two weeks after we met, we were offical. Um, my first boyfriend guys, how cute, right?

It is so weird how so many small events can add up to something huge in your life. If I was not friends with those girls, I would not have moved to LA. If Kady was not a liar, we wouldn not have met Nick. If we did not meet Nick, I would not have met Ugly Mug. Even crazier? I know these girls because we are all Backstreet Boys fans. Yes, I had to go there. I owe thanks to the Backstreet Boys for my impending marriage. Ugly Mug is going to hate that I just said that.

Ok, I’m done. I really am not a mushy gooshy person, except for that romantic comedies are my life, so remember that story because it is not being told again.

I lied, let’s be mushy. These favorites all have to do with Ugly Mug.

I am making myself nauseous now.

    • Listen to this: Dashboard Confessional “Stolen” I never thought I would “have a song” with aynone, but this is our song. Dusk and Summer is the first album that David shared with me, and the first band we both shared a love for. It is the first concert we saw together. Basically, one of the first (and few!) bands we both love. We are contemplating this song as our first dance, but I’d like to see if I can get it slowed down a bit. Any tips on how to find that?
  • Read this: The Time Traveler’s Wife. I don’t know if David will remember this, but it is the first book he recommended to me. It’s actually the only book he recommended to me that I enjoyed. Apparently, not only do we have different music tastes, but very different literary tastes. It is still one of my favorite books and one that was beautifully crafted into a movie script.


  • Watch this: Grey’s Anatomy. This one was hard to choose. We watch a lot of television and movies. Yes, we are boring. I thought about Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Psych; there are so many. But I cannot watch Grey’s Anatomy without David. He comforts me when I cry (every damn time) and will even pause it if I need a moment (do not tell me you watched the shooter episode a few seasons ago and did not need to walk away for a few minutes). It’s our show. Some of my favorite nights are our mini Grey’s marathons.


  • Eat this: Pumpkin Pie. Every Thanksgiving, David buys an extra (or two) pumpkin pie because he loves it so much and is nervous that he won’t get a piece (that night, for breakfast the next morning, and everyday until his vacation is over). The other day I mentioned the possibility of making a pumpkin pie for David’s birthday (which is tomorrow), and the way his face lit up was totally adorable. He never thought he could have pumpkin pie any other time of the year. I guess I better make that happen.


  • Wear this: Little Black Dress. Because is there anything else that a man loves more than a woman in a little black dress? I don’t think David would mind if I wore something like this Threadsence LBD. A little sexy for him, a little edgy for me.


  • Blog love: Stumble Upon. David loves this web site. It is not so much as a blog, but like a blind Pinterest. It recommends photos, videos, web sites based on your interests. I cannot even explain the most random things David finds on Stumble Upon, but if you spend some time on it, you’ll get an idea.


Friday Fail!

A cute fail.


p.s. Without Ugly Mug, this blog would not be possible. So a huge thank you goes out to him for putting up with everything I need from him for this blog.

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  1. aw, I love this friday favorites post. congrats on 7 years! also, i totally stole your “friday fail” idea for my own blog. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….right?!


  2. Jen said:

    Aww, so cute to hear the story of how you met! Very sweet 🙂 And I read the Time Traveler’s Wife years ago and really loved it. Worth a second read for sure! xo

  3. teddi said:

    congrats on 7 yrs together! i enjoy stories about how people meet. this was such an interesting and thoughtful post. you both look adorable. 🙂

  4. RoselyC said:

    Aww lovely post. Congrats on your anniversary. By the way the song is beautiful it would make for a great first dance on your wedding.

  5. Lou said:

    Congrats to you 😉

  6. Amanda said:

    oh 7 years is a lot and I think is just beautiful how two people find each other =) Best wishesh to u both =)

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