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Job hunting is pretty much the worst.

If you want to feel like the lowest form of yourself, you should look for a new job. According to all the requirments, that no one can possibly meet, you are not good enough to be a part of the working world. I have learned that although I have seven years experience in marketing and promotions, I am not qualified for the simplest entry level position. I am going to assume that this is partly due to “resume bots”; a computer system that analyzes your resume before a human being even sees it.

So, here’s to job hunting. Do you have any advice, tips, tricks, miracles for job hunting?

In the meantime, I am taking advantage of this unemployed opportunity to test out the water in modeling. So, I supposed this period in my life is bittersweet.

I am also using this opportunity to test out wearing lipstick. Discuss.



// Vest: Thrifted via Goodwill // Shorts: Forever 21 // Top: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Thrifted via Salvation Army //

I am getting to the point where I am not sure what day of the week or date it is. Have you ever worked freelance and had that problem?




How early do you start thinking about the weekend?

I started at the end of last weekend. Even though I’m working freelance right now, meaning not necessarily daily, weekends have a different atmosphere than weekdays. I usually get more done on weekends than any weekday.

And I just reminded myself how much I need to get done this weekend. My excitment has now lowered.




All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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  1. Oh! Good luck with the job search. It can be tough out there for sure. For me, I start thinking about the weekend about Monday morning. I love your vest and stripes!

  2. Kate said:

    I love this look! Good luck with your job search. I, myself, have been searching since December….. Ugh!

  3. Tanya Minxy said:

    black and stripes with denim vest plus matching your shoes with the lipstick = brilliant =^.^=

  4. Katie said:

    Love this, the colours work so well together. Your hair looks amazing! xx

  5. Love this look! And yep, when I freelanced last Summer the days always melded together, ha ha. Searching for jobs is rough, I’ve lucked into both mine and got jobs after 1 interview. But if I ever had to look again I know it would be badddd, ha ha

  6. If I find out the secret to job hunting I will totally let you know! I am looking into changing careers, so on top of lacking experience, I have to disprove the dumb saying “Those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach.” Hang in there and the right job will find you!

  7. jessidebergerac said:

    Those boots are amazing, and you look gorgeous in lipstick. Keep your chin up about the job hunt, something will work out! If you haven’t already, try talking to some recruitment agencies?


  8. Hahaha i guess we’re in the same water? But i’d say, make your own job. Isn’t that what Gen Y is all about? Hahaha i know this isn’t helping. But you look great with subtle lip color.


  9. Keit said:

    Oh yes, job hunting is a most dreaded activity, especially in my country. The requirements are 10 years of experience, but you have to be still 22 and good looking. Sucks balls!

    I love your boots and gorgeous vest ❤

  10. Celesta said:

    Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  11. you will find a job soon…hang in there. Meanwhile have fun and keep blogging. You are a good writer and I love your outfits.

  12. whitney said:

    agree, job hunting is the worst. the best/only advice I have is to reach out to people who work at companies you admire or have a job that you admire and ask them for an informational interview, or write just to say hello and introduce yourselff and ask if they have any tips. people are generally happy to talk and like to help!

  13. Job hunting is for sure the worst.. however I get by with (depending on the time of day) a cappuccino or wine… My tip would be have your cover letter be almost as impressive as your resume, talk yourself up and be genuine… Then when it’s over pour yourself another glass of wine… 🙂 FYI, great blog! Thanks for commenting on mine! I will definitely be a regular reader, stay in touch! Good luck..

  14. Eh I am sorry you are going through such a not-so-cool time. I do agree with you about computer screening before an actual person actually talks to you! It’s so annoying! Alot of the time you really need to meet the person to get a feel of their personality! I wish you the best! In the meantime, try to enjoy the freelance time 🙂

  15. SACRAMENTO sucks! Or at least the economy does. I struggled for YEARS living there trying to find a job that could pay more than minimum. I finally moved, and things got easier- even in freelance- as the town I live in is more social media savvy and businesses value people who understand marketing and social media.

    Get out of Sac and your woes will lessen. Good luck, lovely.

  16. joy said:

    great look! love your shoes!

  17. You look gorgeous. Love the lipstick. I hope you’ll find a great job!!! Job hunting isn’t easy. Sadly I don’t have any good advice ❤




  18. Gin Style said:

    I love the outfit!! You have gave me an idea for today! 🙂

    Congrats for the blog!!!

    Visit us in: http://ginstyle.blogspot.com.es/

    Facebook: Gin Style
    Twitter: Style Gin

  19. I LOVE this. You look gorgeous. I’m on the job hunt too! My hubby and I are moving, so here’s to good luck finding a job – to both of us!! xo

  20. Amen, sister! I can totally relate to your jobhunting woes. In the meantime, you’re kicking ass in modeling!

  21. Yeah I’m not looking forward to the resume bots. I have almost zero confidence that I’ll get a job out of grad school and that’s just sad. I wish you the best of luck in your hunt!

  22. Teresa said:

    Nice outfit! Love those boots and your denim vest

  23. Jen said:

    Ah, best of luck with the job search! I know it can be super tough. Loving the mix of denim and stripes on you and that lipstick is killer! xo

  24. Ashley said:

    I’m in the same boat you are and I forgot how frustrating the job hunt can be. You’re stunning so I’m sure you’ll do great in the modeling world. Good luck! I keep reminding myself to enjoy the time off 🙂

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