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I am super duper totally excited for the 4th of July! It is one of my favorite holidays; since before I was born, my dad’s family has gotten together for a party every year to celebrate not only the 4th, but my grandfather’s birthday. We are still doing it today! I am ready for some sun, food, family, and fireworks. My dad also puts on a pretty kick ass fireworks show in our backyard.

Any recommendations for a festive dessert I can make?

But before going home, I have to work all weekend and then take a train home. I am looking forward to Monday afternoon because I am already ready to catch up on the sleep I am going to miss.

  • Listen to this: Hanson “Anthem”. That’s right. Hanson has a new album and you bet your ass that I am all over that shit. Except that it is not shit. It is music to my ears. Not only literally, because it’s music and you hear music with your ears, but because it’s really good. It’s Hanson good. Yes, that’s a thing.


  • Read this: Wedding Gift Sparks Epic Text Battle. Some people are greedy, rude, and selfish. Just a word to everyone who will be attending my wedding next year: You can get me anything your little heart desires and you will be met with extreme thankfulness. And really, can you get much better than a basket full of goodies like this, or do I just like sweets too much?


  • Watch this: First Taste. Kids trying new foods. I know I am not the only one who is tempted to give little kids something sour and try. Reactions from kids are priceless. Add in slow motion, and this video will make your day.
  • Eat this: Butternut Squash Soup. This is a big deal. A major deal. I do not eat soup, of any kind. I will spare you the story about the tramatizing experience I had that created this aversion, but basically, it makes me sick. For some reason, after seeing this recipe, I started to crave this soup. It came out really well, and it might have been because it was so thick that it was basically mashed squash instead of soup. Baby steps people. Side note for Ugly Mug: Sorry that I did not put the bacon in it, and yes there was onion in it. 


  • Wear this: Pixie Market. This online store has it all. Need a cute dress? Pixie Market. Looking for a cool hat? Pixie Market. Want me to stop pitching like I am in an informercial? Well all you have to do is ask because Pixie Market can’t exactly help out with that. Either way, shop Pixie MarketThis is totally not sponsored in any way, even though it sounds like the most canned pitch ever.


  • Blog love: Take Aim. I just started following this girl and I already love her. Love at first sight. It’s real. She has simple, effortless style which I always fall for, because let’s face it, if I could put zero effort into looking as good as she does, I would. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of effort for me to just look like I do.


Friday Fail!

Technically, you shouldn’t even get a Friday Fail from me today because you got a bonus in Wednesday’s post, but I have so many fails that I feel compelled to share. Lucky you?

This was the exact moment that the wind blew up my dress to expose my entire derriere.


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  1. Steve said:

    I’m hoping the derriere was not blushing too much . You’ll be wishing for some cool breezes when it’s over 100 degrees.

  2. Nataya said:

    Ha, interesting round up. You just reminds me about Hanson, haven’t listened to them for …such a long long time!
    Enjoy 4 July, sounds really going to be fun! Sorry no idea about dessert. I love to eat them without knowing what their name hehehe:)

  3. Becky said:

    Love your jumper and this was a great post! Enjoy the long weekend!

  4. Great roundup, I didn’t even know Hanson had a new album, I grew up on their music!
    I am also not much of a soup fan but I can never say no to the butternut kind.
    My secret ambition is being a dessert chef 😉 what type are you looking for? Mail me if you would like any recipes.

  5. Anouka said:

    The soup looks incredibly delicious!

  6. kashaya said:

    Great post.=) Love that black jumpsuit.

  7. Jennifer! I’m incredibly honored to be a part of this post!! Thank you so much : ) I’m glad we ‘met’ via blogging and I’m looking forward to keeping up with yours ❤ Michelle

  8. Jen said:

    Amazing picks, as always! That soup looks incredible 🙂

  9. elleseesyou said:

    i love seeing kids eat things too like that. too cute.

  10. Hahahaha I love watching the kids.


  11. Amanda said:

    Oh the hanson brothers are back! Thats is so cool that they decided to make a comback =) IM gonna to check their music =)

  12. Caro* said:

    Great pictures ! Video is very cute 🙂

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