What I thrifted this month: June

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June was light all around on the thrifting front with the self imposed shopping ban firmly in place. I broke it once for shoes, but let’s be honest, all rules are null and void when it comes to shoes. I only thrifted four items in June and they all happened to be from Crossroads Trading Co., and I was able to use gift cards and store credit. Booya. That is the great thing about consignment stores that choose which pieces to buy from, instead of taking it all; sure, it can be frusterating when you are trying to sell your clothes, but they want the store to stay current and seasonal. It’s nice not to have to sort through piles of sweaters in June just to find the tees. You know you have room in the trunk of your car to wait a few months and then take those sweaters back and sell them. I won’t even tell you how many bags of fall clothes I have in my trunk, patiently waiting until the right time of year to sell them to CrossroadsIt’s a lot.

For June I focused on light, flowy pieces. It is too hot for anything else this time of year; Lace, crochet, silk and chambray.


I already posted the chambray dress (seen here) and outfits with the other pieces will be coming soon. I have been living in these pieces since I bought them. I don’t mess around when it is over 100 degrees.

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  1. Carrie said:

    Pretty! They’re all nice light colors, lightweight fabrics, and the mix of textures is nice. Looking forward to how you style them! 🙂

  2. Emma said:

    Those clothes look lovely! I wish I had a crossroads near me. I would probably end up buying just as much as I sold, though!

  3. Cool snapshot.

    I’ve never had any luck thrifting, but I’ve only tried a couple of times and got frustrated. Of all the blogs I read, I’m always most intrigued by your finds. I really don’t know how you walk away with such gems!!!

    xoxo Jackie

  4. Carina said:

    Oh I love the light colours and different textures! Unbelievable that it’s so hot over at where you are while here in Germany we’re having the coldest summer ever 😉

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