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You are going to be extremely annoyed with my obnoxious fan girl behavior today and tomorrow.

The new Backstreet Boys album is out today! I am going to see them on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight and tomorrow I am going to see them perform at the Grove. So please excuse my tweets and instagrams now because I will not be forgiving. They make me bopper.

If you want to experience extreme euphoria, I suggest you pick up a copy of the new album.

And that concludes my informercial. To be continued when I see them on tour three times in September. And go on the cruise in October.

I am not playing around here, people.

Can you believe I finally am posting a proper outfit post? It has been a month. A month. I wish this was a more epic outfit to make up for the fact, but it is simple; just like my style.

It is also 100% Crossroads, because what else would it be?





// Top, Skirt, Shoes, & Purse: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co. // Sunglasses: H&M //

This skirt is my favorite thrift find in quite a long time. The high waist, the color, the buttons: all perfection. And it fit me. I may have done a victory dance in the dressing room when I found it. Can you blame me?

Fun fact: I got all these items at all different Crossroads’ stores.

Ah my love for Crossroads is endless. It’s like shopping at all the stores at once.

And now ends my informercial for Crossroads. Until next time!





What’s the verdict on my hair color? It has faded a bit and is somewhat lighter than when it was first colored for work. I am still on the fence. It is a livable color, but I definitely prefer blonde. To save money and further damaging my hair, I will probably keep it for a little while longer. I definitely want to be back to blonde before my wedding though.




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  1. Looove this outfit, that skirt is gorgeous! 😀 and I like that hair color on you, its pretty 🙂
    Woooo for BSB! Haha. I’ll have to give the CD a listen, but I hardly ever buy CDs anymore, I’m too cheap and I mostly listen to oldies anyway.

  2. OMG I’m so excited for the BSB tour! I’m seeing them in Chicago and St. Louis this weekend, and I’m going to the after party for one of the shows and have platinum VIP for the other. So in other words, I’m broke as broke can be and can never have fun again after this. WORTH IT. I can’t wait to read all about your BSB shows and cruise!

  3. Ha! Love the Backstreet Boys too, enjoy the show! Love your skirt, great colour, brilliant with the pretty floral top! Lovely outfit! xxx

  4. Katie said:

    Love this outfit so much! The skirt is divine, the buttons, the colour, the shape… Perfection as usual! xx

  5. Keit said:

    Aaaah, that hair of yours is just mind taking *_* Love it!
    Love also the gorgeous red color of your skirt!

    Backstreet boys, reeeaaalllyyy??? 😀

  6. Much simpler than what you usually don, in my opinion–but still tres chic! ❤

  7. sofia said:

    Beautiful pictures of you. Love this outfit you put together.


  8. Jen said:

    Ah, love this outfit! The shade of the skirt is stunning and the print on the top is beautiful! Hope you enjoy the new BSB album 🙂

  9. Beautiful outfit, I love the print of your top and the colour of your skirt…and the colour of your eyeliner the most!

  10. Carolyn said:

    Really cute summer-day outfit! I love Xroads too.. it seriously is a treasure trove.

  11. Deepa said:

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.. 🙂
    You have a great style dear.. Love the way you have paired the overall outfit..

    Lots of love..
    Have a lovely day..

  12. love the “simple” outfit. beautiful color combo!


  13. Sooo obsessed with your skirt. You look amazing!

    Xo, Hannah

  14. Savanna said:

    This woman is absolutely stunning! This is so great. The fashion and art in here is bold and fun! Thanks for running such a trendy womens fashion site!

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