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Or should I call it Friday slacker?

It is August 2nd and I have not posted my “What I thrifted this month…” for July, which would not be a big deal, but you guys, I only thrifted one thing. One thing. I better make August an epic thrifting month.

  • Listen to this: Backstreet Boys “In a World Like This”. Hello Captain Obvious. Do I really need to explain this? Just give it a chance. You’ll be hooked. I promise. I saw them do several promotional apperances this week and it just made me even more excited for the tour and the cruise. Fan girling over here!


    • Read this: Vines That You’ll Watch Over and Over. Ok, this is a cheat, but can you really count a 6 second video as a “watch this”? I vote no, and since it’s my blog I win. Below is my personal favorite.
  • Watch this: Drinking Buddies. I am here exclusively for Jake Johnson. Jake Johnson and Jake Johnson’s facial hair. And I kind of love the whole “best friends who love each other, but don’t know it yet, and have to go through emotional distress to realize it” stories.
  • Eat this: 12 Creative S’mores. Summer is winding down and that means that I need to be cramming as many s’mores in my mouth as possible. A s’more is a s’more, right? Wrong. Read this list for 12 AH-MAZING sounding s’mores and just like me, you are going to wish you were throwing a s’more party, like, yesterday.


  • Wear this: Chicnova. So many fun, cute pieces! I just found this site and I cannot stop looking through it because it is updated so often. I can see select pieces from Chicnova mixing and matching with so many of my current pieces, which is always my top priority when shopping.


  • Blog love: Little Black BootsMeet my new favorite blogger. She has a great mix of rock and roll and bohemian. I absolutely lust after every single outfit. And I absolutely think I cannot be the only one.


Happy I miss my blonde hair Friday!


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  1. Drinking Buddies looks awesome! Brewers and romcom goodness and best friend love all in one! Thanks for making me aware of it because I’ll have to go see it now.

  2. Jen said:

    Great picks! Those smores look incredible and I’m definitely going to check out Little Black Boots. Seems right up my alley! Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Tanja said:

    I have to check out that song! And that blogger! Love your Friday favorites series, so cool 🙂

  4. What a fun post, as always! love the smores…we are literally drooling here ha ha..


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