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Another week has come and gone. I’ve been busy this week and it flew by. I feel like August is going to be one of those months that I look back on, on the last day, and wonder where it went. Actually, lately, that’s all of the months. It means I’m getting old. And I have another birthday coming this month.

Uh oh.

And just as a subtle reminder, please check out my caseable giveaway. You have a week to enter to win a $35 voucher!

Who doesn’t like a chance to get awesome free shit for barely doing anything?

  • Listen to this: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. I just discovered this band. I am a little behind. Don’t be left out like I have been and give ’em a listen. I think they deserve a chance just because they have a pretty cool band name and have a song named after Harrison Ford (click the photo to listen to this song). All signs seem to point to awesome.


  • Read this: 25 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About “Friends”. Fascinating if you’re a Friends fan. Is there anyone who is not a Friends fan? That would be awkward. Who wouldn’t like one of the funniest, most endearing sitcoms in history? Can we just all agree that it was the right move not to name it Once Upon a Time in the West Village?


  • Watch this: In a World Like This. I stumbled upon this movie trailer and found it to be a really interesting topic. You don’t see a lot of movies with completely unique stories anymore; I’ve never given much thought to the world of voice over work, but I really adore Lake Bell (who just so happened to write and direct the movie) so I’ll be seeing this.
  • Eat this: Sweet Potato, Pesto, Red Onion and Zucchini Ribbon Pizza. I don’t know where the fascination came from, but I have always wanted to barbeque pizza (which is how this recipe cooks this pizza). Now all I need is a barbeque. And the ingredients, but that’s the easy (and delicious) part. I imagine this would be perfect for a summer night; homemade pizza without having to turn on the oven!


  • Wear this: Volcom. I’ve been seeing Natalie Suarez post amazing photos of herself staring in Volcom lookbooks for quite some time now, and although the styling and photos are always amazing, I’ve never actually checked out the Volcom site. Until now. Big mistake. Commence online window shopping now.


  • Blog love: Cats & Dogs. Ricarda has an eclectic mix of edginess and romanticism, femininity and rock and roll. She is kind of the whole package. I recommend that you check out her blog, because if you don’t, you’re definitely missing out on some hard core inspiration. Yes, there are levels of inspiration and hers is pretty top notch.


And in this week’s Friday Fail edition: What the hell am I doing?


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  1. daniela said:

    ha you’re so cute! that sweet potato bake looks yuuuumy xx

  2. Lisa said:

    Cheers for that Friends link! Favourite show, of all time, hands down.

  3. Love this week’s “fail” though you still look adorable! Volcom has always been one of my top favorite brands! Hope you had a great weekend!
    xo Hannah

  4. I love that pizza! We recently watched old Friends episodes,haha. And, yes, it’s a great band, glad that you found them too. :)/Mads

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