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Whoa last minute Friday Favorites! Honestly, this was almost a Saturday Favorites, which wouldn’t even make since. It would have had to be a Saturday Selections, or something just as cheesy. Since I know my posting schedule can make or break you day, I decided to bite the bullet, sit down, and bang this out, no matter how last minute it is. No need to thank me. I know how much it means to you.

The winner of my caseable giveaway is Nikki! Congratulations Nikki! I’m glad I could help you make your phone cute and safe. Check your email for details!

Onto the main event!

  • Listen to this: Robin Thicke “Give It 2 U”. I can forgive the spelling of the title because of how good this song is. Robin Thicke’s music is perfect driving by yourself, dancing inappropriately, getting caught by strangers in the lane next to you music. I think this song is sexier than “Blurred Lines”, so I have high hopes for a lot of controversy for the video.
  • Read this: “A Day in the Life of a Food Blogger” by Chasing Delicious.You might know that I am just as obsessed with food blogs as I am with style blogs. Maybe even more so. I love food, and that includes looking at and reading about it. Russell over at Chasing Delicious wrote an entertaining, humourous, and realistic list of food blogger experiences. If I could have any talent, I’d be a chef. Sure, I can bake a damn good cake, but that’s a science. Anyone can follow directions. I wish I had the raw talent to create food.


    • Watch this: Never, Ever Give Up. One man’s inspirational story about never giving up. Grab a tissue. A disabled veteran, who was told would never walk again, gained weight and became depressed; then he found someone who believed in him and did not give up on him. His amazing transformation is in the video below. I’m not kidding. Grab a tissue.
  • Eat this: Cury Kale Salad. Not only does Beth make my mouth water with her amazing style (is that weird?), she also makes my mouth water in the recipes she shares in her Fit & Fabulous series. I’ve fallen off the wagon lately with my normal clean eating habits and it is time to kick myself in the ass and get back on! I might need to start with this salad!


  • Wear this: See You Monday. Bad assery made in LA. Prints on prints on prints. Boho meets rock and roll chick. Love. Want. Need.


  • Blog love: A Pretty Pass. Ugh. This girl. Can you be in love with a blog? Excuse my creepiness, but is she for real? Can I be her? Or at least be friends with her so I can share her wardrobe and she can help me go shopping? There is just so much ugh here. In the best way, of course.


And of course, the fail.

Friday TGIF fail!

This must be my thinking face.


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  1. Great post, such a variety of interesting things! That hat looks great, btw.

  2. Enjoyed this! Excited to start following Chasing Delicious : )

  3. Really enjoyed the Chasing Delicious article. I’m not a food blogger, but I’ve had people more than once ask me about the contents of my basket. Turns out a lot of people don’t know what many vegetables look like. 😉

  4. Rachel said:

    love your blog choice this week! OMG can i be her too? lets creep together 😀

  5. Tanja said:

    That blog is great! Oh and your thinking face looks funny, haha! Wow, that man really transformed. Will watch the video now!

  6. Marlen said:

    I am SO GLAD robin thicke is back, he is just sooo smooth. And haha, love the friday fail. i think you look cute 😀

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. Anya J said:

    Lovely 🙂

    Followed you on bloglovin 🙂 Follow mine?

  8. yum! the salad looks good 🙂 I’m always in for new healthy recipes.

  9. daniela said:

    yum, that salad! and i love the chasing delicious post! xx

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