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I’m home! I’m home! I am visiting home for about a week and a half and I am so happy! Honestly, I was getting a bit homesick. I don’t think I will ever stop getting homesick; no matter which city I am in. Sacramento or Los Angeles; I am always missing someone. I am gratful that I have such amazing people in my life that I miss so much when I am away!

On to this week’s favorites!

    • Listen to this: John Mayer “Wildfire”. Even when was busy putting his foot in his mouth, talking about anything and everything, I have always been a John Mayer fan. I can’t resist that raspy, silky voice. I am especially loving his new single Wildfire“! His break from the limelight served him well! And is it just me, or do him and Katy Perry make so much sense for no logical reason whatsoever?
  • Read this: Threadsence Blog. I’m surprised I haven’t shared this yet! Unless I have and I forgot. That is very plausible. The awesome folks over at Threadsence also run an equally awesome blog. There are behind the scenes videos and pictures, style tips, blogger spotlights and interviews and the occasional apperance by Pebbles; the cutuest, tiniest dog you ever did see!


  • Watch this: About Time. If Rachel McAdams is in a movie, I will see it. Rachel McAdams in a romantic comedy that includes a bit of time travel? Sure, why not? The only thing that would make me more excited about this movie is if it was with Ryan Gosling. She should never be paired with anyone but Ryan Gosling.
  • Eat this: Blackened Salmon and Mango Tacos. Fish tacos are my weakness. If they are on a menu, I usually order them. The same goes with ruben sandwichs. Let’s hope I don’t end up at a restaurant that serves both. That would be trouble.


  • Wear this: Jennyfer. 1. We share a name. 2. They were “born” in 1986. Me too. 3. They are awesome. Um, twins right? This France based, trendy company is now officially open in the United States, with seven stores in New York. I am desperately hoping they open some California locations sooner than soon!


  • Blog love: Modern Legacy. Clean, crisp, and definitey chic. Be sure to check out Kaity over at Modern Legacy. You might turn into a jealous, envious, ungrateful, hormonal crazy person because you want to be her, but you’ll calm down and soon admire and love her!


It’s that time of the post again!

Friday fail fart face or thizz face?


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  1. I love everything here! That movie look so so so good!!

  2. Sam said:

    God, I just love the way you write, haha! Plus I also would love to see About Time. Seems fun!


  3. Amanda said:

    Mmm those tacos look delicious!!!

  4. I just can’t stop looking at the tacos, looks so yummy

    Nice post

    Bisous from FRANCE

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