Summer dressing

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I think all style bloggers should take a hiatus during the summer. It’s hot, sometimes humid and sticky, and let’s face it, we end up wearing the same damn thing over and over. At least this is all true for me. The heat makes me lazy. And I only own so many pairs of shorts and dresses. 

Hm, maybe the problem is that I need to go shopping. My self imposed shopping ban gets in the way of that. I have been “shopping” in my close lately, though, not for this outfit. This outfit is basically a copy of the last outfit I posed, except for a different shirt. But, it is a true picture of how I dress in the summer. I live in the same shorts for weeks at a time, eventually I will find a cute little mini dress that keeps me cool in the sun’s blaze, and I will finally find my way to a skirt or two before fall comes.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am visiting home and my mom was volunteered to take my outfit photos. I think Ugly Mug has some competition!




// Shorts: Forever 21 // Top: Shop Cuffs // Hat: Marshalls // Shoes: Thrifted via Thrift Town //

I desperately wish I had a flower crown to top this off with. I think it would go perfectly with the top. I guess it gives me a reason to wear the top again soon!



So, wedding planning, huh? It sucks. I am normally a Type A control freak, but I cannot seem to wrap my head around how to start this. I am hoping that finding the perfect venue will be the hardest part and then I can start really plowing through the planning. It doesn’t help that I am extremely picky (see previous statement of being a Type A control freak), but should anyone expect anything different from a bride planing her wedding?

I could not stop laughing watching my mom take my photos. She was just too cute. I took a couple of her, but I have been forebidden to post them!



 The daisies get taller and taller each year in my backyard!

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  1. Sue Figueroa said:

    I agree with so much! I took a break from posting because here in south Florida it is so so hot and humid! I am getting back on track this week though… Loved the outfit

  2. Jen said:

    Beautiful photos, as always! Sometimes shopping your closet can be fun- especially when you find beautiful tops like that one. Good luck with the wedding planning! xo

  3. i totally need to go on a shopping ban and shop my closet! i promise i will… soon haha!!!!

    love your cell phone case!

  4. Van said:

    You should make a floral crown out of the daisies in your yard.

  5. Keit said:

    Yup, same here. It’s waay to hot and sweaty for being fancy. 😀

    Awesome shorts! The flower crown would look pretty too, but I like the hat as well!

  6. That’s the precise reason I don’t take outfit photos in the summer. No one wants to see me wearing the same denim shorts every day with a different college t-shirt or Old Navy tank top. Now that I’m back to work, that might change…but I totally agree a hiatus, especially toward the end of summer, is a great thing.

    Your mom takes pretty good pics – and only a mother could get away with taking that close up of a crotch shot. 😉

  7. Its funny you say this cause I haven’t done a style post all month…I’m super lazy in the heat, and I end up throwing on cutoffs and a tank, like EVERY day, cause I just can’t be bothered.
    I thought I was the only one….

  8. The top is beautiful, I love how delicate the lace is!

  9. honestly, b. said:

    These are great photos! I love your top, and that phone case is too cute!

    xo honestly, b.

  10. Jessi said:

    You look beautiful!! Loving your hair and that cute hat along with the lacey crop top. And that phone case is super cute! 🙂
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my guest post on SP!
    You have such a lovely blog!

  11. christen said:

    oh wow, your mom did a great job with the photos! I think that just means you are a fantastic model. love the top and yes, a flower crown needs to happen with it sometime soon. that would be lovely on you.


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