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Yeah, you can call this one a comeback!

It’s Friday. It’s a good day. It will be a good weekend!

I feel like I have not actually gotten to enjoy a weekend in so long, so I am going to make this one count!

Any plans?

  • Listen to this: Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball”. I know most people are dissecting this song and video to death. I don’t claim to know why she is licking a hammer, but I don’t care. This is a really great song. I don’t care who the song is about, when she wrote it, what other tools she may lick and dry hump on her free time, I just care that I am kind of in love with this song. I will add the video for easy listening in case you haven’t heard it yet. I will admit that I like the director’s cut; It is raw, emotional, and simple. Fun fact? She admitted she was thinking of her recently passed dog during filming.
  • Read this: How to Read a Recipe. This may not be interesting to everyone, but I am fascinated by baking, creating recipes, and how different ingredients react with each other. Keep in mind that I have never tried to create my own recipe, but I would love to take some time in the future (hopefully near) to learn more about the chemistry of baking. In the mean time, tips like these from Joy the Baker will suffice. I linked to the first in the series, but I suggest you read them all and keep up with them if you like to bake!


  • Eat this: Black Bean Brownies. Seriously. You cannot tell that there are black beans in these brownies. They are gluten free, too! This recipe makes a small batch, so just try it. Satisfaction guaranteed!


  • Wear this: ModCloth. I know what you’re thinking! And the answer is no. I am not endorsing ModCloth just because I model for them. I am endorsing ModCloth because I constantly have a running wish list on their site and I assume that either you do too, or you don’t because you just don’t know about them yet. Well, ladies, get your credit cards ready! ModCloth has the most swoon worthy retro inspired pieces. They make dressing up so fun!


  • Blog love: Happily Grey. I was surprised that I haven’t shared Mary’s blog yet! She is my new “it blogger”! Super simple, super casual, super unique, super awesome. That’s not all I could say about Mary, but let’s be honest, I tend to lean towards the creep category a little too much in my love of blogger’s, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet!


I would definitely say this is a Friday Fail worth photo!


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  1. Those brownies look good, and if I can convince the hubs they’re healthy, I bet I could make them this weekend…haha!

  2. Amanda said:

    I totally agree with you… Who cares about the video when the lyrics are so good… and who cares who its about when you usually think about what its going in your own life when you listen to an emotional song =) heheh

  3. amanda said:

    so intrigued by black bean brownies!

  4. Jen said:

    Fun list! Those brownies look incredible and I’ve seen that video of the man waking up from surgery- too funny! xo

  5. HA! Poor old Miley – she can’t don anything right for some people. I’ve heard of these black bean brownies – I definitely have to try them, would be great to see peoples faces when you reveal the magic ingredient >:D

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  6. Mila said:

    That recipe looks really yummyyyy 😀

  7. camelia said:

    That video of the guy waking up from surgery was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Also, I really like Wrecking Ball, atleast it’s an actual song with actual meaning, and plenty of people have weird ass music videos. Great post!

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