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The weekend is here! Too bad I work on Saturdays; that does not mean that I don’t have plans, though. I have somewhat necessary, boring adult plans, but plans are plans, are they not?

One of those boring adult plans is finally getting my tiny “office” space together! Once that is done, which still might be a while, I will happily share photos of my little corner. I am definitely not one that has any talent in decorating or putting anything together, though I wish I was. Maybe I need to watch more HGTV or Pinterest more?

What are you up to on this fine Autumn weekend?

  • Listen to this: Lorde, “Pure Heroine”. I finally got around to listening to Lorde’s entire album and I am hooked. This little lady has quite the voice and talent. If I only had a pinky’s worth of talent that Lorde has, I would have no complaints! I definitely recommend giving this album a listen. Whether you buy it, borrow it, download it, stream it, rent it from the library; I don’t care. Just do it.


  • Read this: 21 Genius Larry David-isms for Dealing with People. Larry David has been entertaining me for the majoirty of my life. I grew up with Seinfeld and continue to watch the repeats; it is still laugh out loud funny and relatable no matter how many times I have seen each episode. It continues with Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you don’t watch Curb, read this and you just might start!


  • Watch this: Need for Speed Trailer. With Breaking Bad gone, I am already itching to get my fix of the amazing cast. So, next up is Aaron Paul in Need for Speed next Spring! I can’t say that I would normally be excited for this type of movie, but for Aaron Paul, I can be. I guess that means I will have to see Godzilla for Bryan Cranston too.
  • Eat this: Pumpkin Oat Pancakes. Sometimes I am the worst at planning anything in advance. Other times, I plan little, simple things so far in advance that I am afraid I will not be able to make it there. Like with these pancakes. I am definitely going to make these Pumpkin Oat Pancakes for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. Once I saw them, I could not imagine anything else for breakfast that day. Except for the long held tradition of leftover pie. Don’t worry, I still plan to have pie, but these pancakes will definitely also be on my breakfast plate.


  • Wear this: Samantha Pleet. Fashion week recently reminded of the lovely Samantha Pleet. Created only 7 years ago, this lady has come a long way! Her collections are modern, yet vintage inspired. Just beautiful.


  • Blog love: Free People Blog. I could have sworn that I have shared this blog before. I searched my blog and it did not come up, so if this is a repeat, blame wordpress’ search function, not me. This blog is good enough to share more than once anyway! My favorite feature is the employee and off duty model style; everyone there should be a style blogger if they are not already. I also obsessivly check the blog at the beginning of each month of the new desktop calender. Sadly, the October one is not up yet. You bet your ass I’ll keep checking.


And finally, the reason you love this feature, the Friday Fail!

Food. In. My. Teeth. So cute.


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  1. Rachel said:

    lorde has been fabulous to me on repeat lately! and now I have to read that larry david book!

  2. Katie said:

    I’m obsessed with Lorde! The girls’s outfits are amazing too… xx

  3. amanda said:

    Haha your friday fail. Love it!

  4. awesome post! 🙂 I just followed you 🙂 plz check out my blog and hopefully you’ll like it enough to follow it :)tanks so much! 🙂
    ❤ chloe-anna

  5. May said:

    There’s nothing like a good tee and jean outfit. That’s the one I adore most here 🙂

    Haha, don’t worry, I always get food stuck in my teeth too.

  6. Jony said:

    Hope you still had a great weekend dear! I had to work on Saturday and Sunday as well ;). Kept my evenings simple by watching a movie with my boyfriend.

    x Jony

  7. I love all of your selections. I love Lourde! I’m also currently loving Grimes. You might like her stuff too. Larry David … always entertaining. :And, now I want those pancakes! -) x/Madison

  8. Love this post! Really love the skirt and blouse combination. Super 70’s chic look.

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