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Well TGIF to you, fellow bloggers and blog readers! Maybe a family member or two. A friend, perhaps?

Well, I am just two weeks out until I board a Carnival cruise ship to go on the Backstreet Boys cruise! I kid you not. It is a real thing and I am actually going on it. For the second time. I will be spending the next two weeks trying to scramble around getting all my theme night outfits together, writing lists so I don’t forget anything, and working out; an upcoming cruise to the Bahamas definitely helps to kick your butt into gear!

Any plans for you? Is October just flying by, or what? I am worried I am going to blink and fall, winter, and the holidays will be over. I definitely need to slow down and just enjoy, bake, and bask in the season. It would help if it looked and felt like the particular season outside, though.

  • Listen to this: Tori Kelly. I was introduced to Tori Kelly recently by a friend (hi, friend, if you are reading this!), and I am glad I was! She has such a sweet voice and heartfelt songs. She reminds me of a young lady, who no longer makes music, that I was a big fan of, Krystal Harris. It’s nice to have this type of music to listen to in the background; it’s soul soothing.


  • Read this: Different Cities, Same Salary: Comparing the Lifestyles of Two Twenty-Two Year Olds. It is rather interesting to read about the lifestyles of two people who make relatively the same amount of money per year, but because they live in such different cities, have completely different access to certain lifestyles. This article compares two woman; one who lives in Texas and the other in New York. I can definitely relate to this coming to Los Angeles from Sacramento. My friends in Sacramento can afford nice apartments in Midtown or rent spacious homes for the same cost as small apartments, in not so safe neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Location, location, location!


  • Watch this: The Michael J. Fox Show. No one loves a good sitcom more than I do; I am forever a nineties child at heart., so when the Michael J. Fox Show was announced, I was stoked. One of my favorite movies as a kid was Life With Mikey, I assume one of his least known movies. I am and will forever be a MJF shipper, so please enjoy this new show so I can continue enjoying it. But, really, who doesn’t love Michael J. Fox? Plus, you still get a weekly dose of Betsy Brandt. It’s a win win.

The Michael J. Fox Show

  • Eat this: S’mores Fudge Bars. Just because ’tis the season for baking, and not roasting outside over a fire pit, does not mean that you have to life without s’mores until next year. Oh no. Finding this will certainly get me in trouble! I foresee making these for many upcoming holiday parties, just to have an excuse to eat them.


    • Wear this: Joie. Just the exact silhouettes I am looking for this fall. Relaxed, but not too. Casual, but structured. Just a lot of goodness going on here.
  • Blog love: Fashion Me Now. Who doesn’t love a good UK blogger. The style is the best there. Hands down. Sorry, America, you can’t argue. Lucy is no exception. And I just fell in love with the name Lucy just as I typed that. Almost as much as I fell in love with Lucy’s blog. I definitely love Lucy. Don’t be surprised when you see me replicate this exact outfit just about every weekend this fall.


And of course, your weekly Friday Fail!

Ugly Mug always tells me to put my chin down. I just want to live in a world with my chin up!


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    great post! would u like to follow eachother?

  3. Dylana said:

    Super lovely blog!

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