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Happy Friday!

I’m on a boat, ya’ll!

This Friday Favorites is coming to you from the past. Kind of. I put it together before I left and scheduled it, so basically, here’s hoping that Word Press comes through for me and this posts! I wouldn’t want to disappoint all my followers my follower.

    • Listen to this: John Newman “Love Me Again”. I really like this guy. I really like this song. I think you will too. That is the point of this whole post, right? Can you tell I have nothing further to say about this song? Sometimes you just like a song. No other words are needed.
  • Read this: 21 Photographers Share the Most Amazing Shot They Ever Captured. Stealing this from Facebook and technically it’s not really something to read (besides the photo captions); I so failed this week. I think you’ll forgive me when you see some of these photos, though. Being someone who always misses “the shot” or can never quite frame it as I see it in my mind, seeing the talent that these photographers have is truely inspiring. Thanks Mr. Brian Bender for sharing!


  • Watch this: GravityI talked about it in my last post, and I’ll talk about it again. It is worth it. Sandra Bullock is so amazing, and seeing it in 3D really sucks you into it even more. Mr. Ugly Mug actually has plans to see this movie again two days after we saw it. He will rarely re-watch a movie in the same year, so that is how you know it is epic. And coming from someone who rarely watches behind the scenes of DVDs (except bloopers, those are my favorite), I cannot wait for the extras on this DVD.


  • Eat this: Pumpkin Mac & Cheese. Is this taking the whole pumpkin thing too far? Pumpkin and chocolate or peanut butter, I understand, but pumpkin and cheese? I am not sure about. I am willing to do some research and find out though. For the good of all that is pumpkin and Autumn amazingness. I do love, and I mean love, butternut squash ravioli, so I feel like it would be along the same lines.


  • Wear this: Current Elliot. So, basically just everything I need. All things denim, which you really cannot go wrong with. I still do not have the perfect pair of jeans or the perfect denim top, but I am always looking. Thanks to Current Elliot, I now have a new standard.


  • Blog love: Ascot Friday. She is the one behind the Instagram Target Does it Again, which makes people want to go to Target and blow all their money more than they already do on their own, by posting all the best finds. She also runs her own style blog, Ascot Friday, which makes me want to run out and blow all my money to recreate her outfits. Basically, if you want to blow your money and be the owner of awesome things and clothes, follow this girl.


Happy Friday Fail ya’ll!

Sitting is tiring!


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  1. Rachella said:

    Great favorites-post. Happy weekend!

  2. Rachel said:

    your so cute in that last one hehehe! hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoRach

  3. Jen said:

    Fun picks! That pumpkin mac n’ cheese looks incredible! xo

  4. Amanda said:

    “Gravity” is not out yet here in Sweden, but omg I cannot wait to watch it… The only thing Im not really exited about is the fact that is on 3D

  5. cheyenne said:

    hmm, pumpkin mac & cheese, that sounds delicious!
    xo, cheyenne

  6. Ria said:

    Pumpkin mac and cheese? Why have I only just heard of this amazing concoction? Sounds like the yummiest thing ever xoxo

  7. Eunicia said:

    i really like your photos, the accent in some of the ootd’s are super cute.


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