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Ok, I am waving my white flag to getting dressed today or looking like or being a contributing member of society. Some days, you just need to bum around. What better day than a Friday?

Any plans this weekend? I am working, so I need to live vicariously through your plans.

  • Listen to this: Britney Spears “Perfume”. I may be in the minority, but I love Britney’s ballads. “Everytime” is one of my favorite Britney songs of all time. And yes, we are on a first name basis. Also most likely in the minority here, but without all the auto tune, she does has a really pretty voice. Bravo, Britney!
  • Read this: Headphones Project. I cannot be the only one who, when seeing someone wearing headphones, wonders what they are listening to and tries to guess. The Headphones Project does just that; asks strangers what they are listening to. It’s really interesting to scroll through, seeing someone’s appearance and occasionally being surprised at what they are listening to. Yes, I know not to based judge on appearance, but take this guy below for example: He was listening to Cher Lloyd “Swagger Jagger“. You can’t tell me you aren’t surprised by that.


  • Watch this: The New York Subway Signs Experiment. Apparently, subway conductors in New York must point at a sign at each stop, that is a sign every hour, every day, to show that they have arrived. A few creative people decided to take advantage of this and make a few subway conductors’ day. Isn’t it nice when people go out of their way to make a stranger smile?
  • Eat this:Chocolate Pumpkin Peanut Butter. I am obsessed with peanut butter. I am in love with pumpkin. Combine the two and I will love you forever. Add chocolate and there is no telling what I will do. Which makes me nervous to try these. What if I can’t stop eating them and they are the only thing I eat the rest of my life? I am really determined to make these since I picked up what I thought was a pumpkin peanut butter cup from the store the around Halloween, but turned out to be a pumpkin shaped peanut butter cup. Sure, I ate it, but begrudgingly. I need the real thing now.


  • Wear this: Prism Boutique. Ok, so I am a bit of a fraud here. I have never been to this boutique and they do not have an online shop just yet, but does that mean I can’t want to shop there? I still want all of their things! I may have to make a special trip out to Long Beach just to visit!


  • Blog love: Love by Natsu. This chick is the epitome of effortless chic. When I try it, I look like a bum (see opening of blog post), so I applaud those who can really pull off a simple, chic look.


And it’s another Friday Fail for all you lovely people!

Bitch face for all those not so lovely people who photo bomb my shoots.


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  1. kacie said:

    Haha the new york subway video was so cute!

  2. Jen said:

    I always enjoy your favourites! Love the idea of the headphones project and that chocolate pumpkin dessert looks incredible 🙂

  3. Trina said:

    Wow! That Britney song is actually really good! It’s been so long since she had a song that actually sounded like music! And while i don’t generally agree that her voice is pretty, she sounds really pretty here. Also, love the headphones project. Totally following it on Tumblr!

  4. The subway post is hilariously funny! I took the subway everyday to work in NYC and always noticed the pointing. Why didn’t I think to do something like that?!

  5. Laura said:

    The subway video is amazing! Such a good idea:):)

    Love from Moscow,

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