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Sometimes I dress like a boy. Today is one of those days. The exception being my leopard flats. I’ve never seen a boy wear leopard flats. Not to say it has not happened, will not happen and cannot be done, I’ve just never personally seen it.

These boyfriend jeans are one of my treasured finds from the Crossroads VIP shopping party I attended last week! I have been looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans for what seems like years; they are either too tight in the thighs and loose in the waist of vice versa. These J Brand boyfriend jeans are just the ticket! I was worried they made me look a bit hippy, or slumpy, but then I didn’t care anymore because they are so comfortable and I am in love.




// Jeans, Top, Belt, Shoes: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Glasses: Chanel //

Holy cow, this was an accident, but it is a common accident. I am head to toe in Crossroads finds (minus my glasses, so I suppose, I am neck to toe). The good thing about find so much from Crossroads is that it doesn’t look like one store just threw up on me. When someone is head to toe in clothing from say, Abercrombie and Fitch, you can tell. With thrifting and consignment shopping, all the clothes are from so many different stores, brands, and labels, you can’t tell. It’s just a one stop shop for a little bit of everything.

Can you tell I was lazy today? Top bun it is! When I throw my hair up, I usually throw my glasses on to, even though I am only near sighted, because my face feels naked without my hair constantly shielding it. Also, I wanted to trick you into thinking that I’m smart.





Can I also be a stereotypical blogger for a minute? This weather is out of control. It is unacceptable for it to be 90 degrees in the middle of November. For real. I want sweaters, scarves, and hot coffee in my hand. I am pretty much forcing myself to be uncomfortable with wear Fall-ish clothes right now though. If Fall won’t come to me, I will just pretend! I cannot wait for the cooler temperatures in Nor Cal when I go home for the holidays!

I mean, do you understand how sad it is to see Christmas decorations in 90 degree heat? Terrible. Let’s get it together Mother Nature!



p.s. does anyone have a DIY for a lip scrub?

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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  1. I love when I realize my whole outfit is thrifted! And I get it as a Californian to be annoyed with the weather but 60’s and almost 70’s in Colorado in November is FAAAAAAAAANTASTIC. Usually we’re knee deep in snow by now. I love your androgynous look! And your hair and glasses look great!

  2. Sue Figueroa said:

    You look great, love the up do as well

  3. Oh no! I’m sorry it’s so hot! We’re getting a freaky cold streak in Georgia. It’s usually much warmer here in November, but I’m enjoying it. But anyway, I love how you mixed this striped shirt with your leopard print flats. Those prints really work together!

  4. Keit said:

    Bahaha, I think you should be glad it’s still warm there, we’re freezing our assess here 😀
    And the bun and glasses make you look uber duber smart!!!! 😀
    Love the shirt and boyfriend jeans combo ❤

  5. Jen said:

    Love it! So many great finds- loving the jeans and those shoes especially. Like your hair like that too 🙂

  6. Great shirt and love the denim, and that high bun is fabulous, I like yours style!!! And I love the fact that you’re not wearing heels, flats are totes the way to go with this look!! Btw, I just bought the cobalt blue runway ACNE STUDIOS marble vanity clutch, it has an emoticon on it and it’s super adorable, I think your quirky fun style would like it. #CheckItOut

    xx The Provoker

  7. mywhiteT said:

    Love that top, so funky and vibrant. Looks great on you. mywhiteT.com

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