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You guys. I ranted and raved and whined and acted a fool about the weather in yesterday’s post and today I was rewarded. It is overcast, and some might even say chilly. Lesson of the day? Whine and snivel and you will get what you want. Win.

Plans this weekend? The Christmas tree lighting at The Grove is on Sunday and I am so excited to go! I am obsessed with Christmas and there is going to be a huge tree, pretty lights, fake snow, hot chocolate, and Christmas cheer!

  • Listen to this: Ian Axel “Say Something”. My instructor put this song on during our cool down stretch at the end of a kickboxing class I took the other day and for some reason, I immediately resonated with it and googled the lyrics to find it. I just think it is a beautifully sad song. I’ve never heard of Ian Axel before now, and came to find out he is now a duo called A Great Big World. I can’t wait to hear more.
  • Read this: Batkid Fights Crime in San Francisco: This might be the sweetest, most awesome, tear jerking thing ever in life. Miles Scott, AKA, Batkid was granted his wish today by the Make a Wish Foundation and ran all over San Francisco today rescuing damsels in distress, fighting crime, and putting away the bad guys. Stuff like this makes me believe in humanity again. You can read updates and see photos by clicking the photo below!

BZH6hDtCMAAlF1u.jpg large

  • Watch this: What I Kind Campaign? And then watch the Finding Kind documentary. It’s not a secret that I am in love with Aaron Paul, because, who isn’t? But I think I may just love his wife, Lauren, even more. Lauren is the co-founder of Kind Campaign, which is a non profit documentary and school program to teach girls about kindness and to fight toward an end to girl on girl bullying and violence. They have made a documentary, traveled the country with their program, speaking with girls in middle schools and high schools. She is a true inspiration. And gorgeous. And I think I am more jealous of Aaron Paul because he is married to her than I am of Lauren Paul being married to Aaron Paul. Woman crush, for sure.


  • Eat this: Pumpkin Spice Latte. Is it really that big of a surprise? I am obsessed with all things Autumn, holidays, and pumpkin, so finding a recipe for a homemade pumpkin spice latte seemed necessary. I found one that can rival Starbucks’ recipe, for sure; you can even make this recipe sugar free by trying with honey or any other sugar substitute!


  • Wear this: American Two Shot. Can I have all the things? Just all of them. It will make me very, very happy! I think I stumbled upon American Two Shot randomly on Instagram. Oh the magical things that insomnia leads you to!


  • Blog love: A Fashion Nerd. Another blogger/model? Huge bored, right? No. Not at all. Amy is one of those super awesome, authentic, can literally wear anything and look amazing kind of gals that I am super envious of. I think you should check her out. She has my recommendation and although that means nothing to anyone, it at least means that I think she is one of the coolest chicks on the internet.


Happy Friday ‘why don’t people have common courtesy anymore” Fail!


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  1. cheyenne said:

    i just read the batkid story through your blog, so adorable!
    xo, cheyenne

  2. RoselyC said:

    hahaha love your Friday fail.

  3. Zosia said:

    great blog :*

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