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I am currently baking over 100 cupcakes, and possibly a last minute cake because I never think that enough is actually enough, for my brother’s bar. My sister is hosting the second annual Thanksgiving canned food drive and dinner and I am in charge of dessert. Now to anyone else, this means some cupcakes and cookies and call it a night. To me, this means that every single person who touches a cupcake must have a Heavenly experience and therefore need another, hence, enough is never enough.

I am majorly stressed out at the moment and no one should even look in the direction of my kitchen until I am done. Instead, direct your attention to the below Friday Favorites.

  • Listen to this: Best Voicemail Ever Gives Hilarious Play-by-Play of Car Accident. While I do not condone uncessesary violence, even if it is little old lady against an adult male, this has to be the funniest voicemail anyone has ever left or recieved.

  • Read this: 30 Things You’re Only Afraid of if You Live in Los Angeles. Yes to 90% of these. Especially the earthquake ones. ESPECIALLY being on a freeway during an earthquake and a bridge falling down on top of me, or collapsing below me. And driving over the mountains. And helicopters shining into my bedroom window. In short, yes. Los Angeles makes me a scardy cat. Why does everyone want to live there?


    • Watch this: Reverse Pickpocketing. Restoring my faith in humanity. If I had extra money, I would love to do this. I think more than college students should be targeted, but it is a step in the very right direction. Helping people makes my heart smile.
  • Eat this: Cranberry Crostini. Last year Ugly Mug and I were in charge of Thanksgiving appetizers. We went a little overboard and bought out the cheese and deli section at Trader Joe’s and had cheese coming out of our ears. This year, I want to pick a select stand outs and keep it simple. These cranberry crostinis look and sound perfect!



  • Wear this: Karen London. You know I am not much of an accessories person; I want to be, don’t get me wrong. I love stacked rings and layered necklaces, I just don’t have the patience for it all and I am constantly fidigiting with it all. But, there is something about Karen London jewelry  (as seen on Dylana Suarez below) that is so special. They are statement pieces without being costumey. I can get down with that.


  • Blog love: Wendy’s Lookbook. If I could only describe Wendy in one word, it would be “polished”. That is exactly what she is. Pretty and polished. Her posts are actually enjoyable too, which I cannot say of all the blogs I follow, or even love. Sometimes I just scroll through for the photos. But not on Wendy’s blog. Cnogratulations for taming my short attention span Wendy!

Autumn-Plum-10-433x650 (1)

Happy Friday whaaaaaaa jump fall Fail!


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  1. karolina said:

    I hope all the cupcakes came out delicious 🙂


  2. good luck on the baking and you can totally do it- I believe in you.

  3. kacie said:

    Aw that reserve pickpocketing video is amazing! I love Wendy’s lookbook!

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