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I definitely felt a bit biker chic in this outfit with the leather jacket and the boots. It’s nice to feel a bit bad ass at times. Or rad, apparently, as the title suggests.

Do you ever buy multipes of the same clothing item? I don’t want to admit how many pairs of black booties I have accumulated. I personally can see the big differences in each pair, but no one around me can seem to tell them a part. I scored these beauties at Crossroads Trading Co on Black Friday (the only place I will ever brave on Black Friday). They have a taller heel and go up higher on my ankle; I think that is enough to justifiy another pair of black booties.




// Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Sweater: Forever 21  // Shorts: Bows & Arrows // Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Necklace: Fly Wheel  //

These shorts. These amazing, looks like my Grandmother’s couch shorts. I picked them up sometime last Spring and I never got around to wearing them. They are quite short, so I assumed I would save them for Fall and wear them with tights. I finally go to wear the hell out of them and the zipper breaks. The kind of break where the zipper still zips up, but the zipper does not stay together. The worst kind of break because it gives you false hope! Well, maybe if I just try again, it will catch on this time. No matter how many times I tried, it never caught. So, ladies and maybe one gentleman, my fly is open in these photos and I wore it open all day long. I zipped them up half way so the opening would stay as closed as possible and wore my sweater over it, even though I really want to tuck it in. Oh, fashion probs.

Good thing my Grandma used to be a seamstress. I am taking advantage of that for sure.




I find it amusing that this outfit is pretty much the opposite of the style of my last outfit posted. Boho to biker.

Also, how is this for some epic hair tossing? If you’ve got it, toss it. No need to wait for a Friday Fail.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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  1. Jen said:

    Love, love, loving this! The print on the shorts are super great and the leather jacket is perfect. Cool boots too 🙂

  2. this is a pretty cool and sexy outfit! You look great 🙂
    btw, I am having a giveaway on the blog, in case you wanna check it out!

  3. Haha I love that you wore the shorts despite their zipper problem. They’re so cute with the black leather jacket and boots. I know what you mean about seeing the small differences in shoes but nobody else does. Oh well!

  4. cheyenne said:

    they definitely look amazing on you! great outfit!
    xo, cheyenne

  5. Eline said:

    Such a wonderful jacket, and your shoes are beautiful!

  6. Ria said:

    Just scrolled down to your last post, yeah the styles are different but I think the shorts really help make the look very you still. So cute.

  7. karla said:

    I love your shoes as you combine it with a short

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