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We took these photos, excuse me Ugly Mug took these photos, while I was waiting for my bus yesterday. When I take the train to Sacramento, it is actually bus-train-bus, so it’s a long day as you can imagine. Simplicity and comfort is key!

Also, this belt bag that I thrifted came straight from my dreams. For some reason, I got the idea of wanting needing a belt bag in my life. And I needed it immediately. I searched all online and they are a bit harder to come by than I thought. I suppose not many people are trying to bring back a form of the fanny pack. Understandable. The nexy day, I walked into Crossroads Trading Co and just about died when I spied this second hand belt bag, originally from Urban Outfitters.

I may only be able to fit money, my phone, and chapstick in it, but what else do I need?




// Hat, Top + Jeans: Urban Outfitters // Jacket: Heart Clothing Boutique // Purse Belt: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Boots: Thrifted via Goodwill //

The sun was just barely up when we took these photos, and it was chilly that morning. No polar vortexr, but much more chilly than it has been.

January is shaping up to be a nice start to 2014! I have booked a few photoshoots this month, more than I have had recently. It’s really exciting that my modeling is starting to pick up! I get so nervous all the way up until the photographer starts shooting and then I feel like I’m at home. When it’s done, it’s all I want to do! Still, I think I will hold on to my big exciting (to me) news for a bit longer. Perhaps until I can actually show you. That’s a hint in itself.





See, chilly.


The cutest sign.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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  1. Love tje outfit, specially tje top! Cool vibe in these pics

  2. Not sure what ugly mug is but I don’t think you have one. The belt purse is a genius idea for local traveling. I need one for the bus.

  3. These are really beautiful photos. I’m a commuter and wouldn’t EVER think the bus loop would make a great place for a backdrop…but I’m wrong!

    I can’t wait to see (?) the exciting news 🙂

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

  4. Great photos! Loving the vibe and the light!

    Come by soon!


  5. Keit said:

    It’s awesome when your dreams start to materialize, I’m so happy for you ^_^
    And the outfit is fierce, I love the vivid colors. I think this little belt purse is amaaaazingah! O_O So useful!

  6. Jen said:

    Loving the belt bag! Definitely much cooler than a fanny pack 😉 Glad your 2014 is off to a nice start! xo

  7. Cute outfit- I never knew about Crossroads til reading your blog- awesomeee

  8. Em K said:

    the lighting in these pics is beautiful, as is your top!

  9. Angela said:

    Absolutely stunning!! And your outfit is perfect

  10. Maria said:

    Wonderful look! I love the blouse and the light here is gorgeous 🙂

  11. That hip purse looks fantastic!!! We hope you’re having a great year so far! Wish we were warm here in NY like you are in California!

  12. mywhiteT said:

    Love this look. Casual and fashionable at the same time.

  13. Amanda said:

    You look so stunning… and the photography is soooo beautiful

  14. Ashley said:

    I can’t believe you thrifted those boots! They’re incredible. Do you know the brand? Also, the back-lighting in these photos is gorgeous.

    xo Ashley

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