One last hurrah

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I scream, you scream, who doesn’t scream for ice cream?

You may be a bit confused if you saw my last post about the cleanse I am starting. I did say I am starting it Thursday, meaning tomorrow. Or today, if you are reading this on Thursday, perhaps yesterday. The point is that it might not have been the best idea, but I figured I could have one last treat before I began my cleanse.

We signed up for this website, How About We, a few weeks back. It is a monthly subscription based site that offers discounts for select dates each month, even offering a selection of one free date a month! They even offer a free congierge that will help you plan and book a date, with suggestions of restaurants, getaways, shows, or even fitness classes.

We are the kind of couple who never know what to do or cannot seem to agree. I am really excited for the monthly free dates, but they offer so many great options for discounted dates, and ideas I would never think of. They have things like photography classes, painting classes, city tours, fitness classes, and so on. The offers change monthly. Also, the price you see is always the price for two, so there is never any confusion with the price!

Our trip to Cool Haus was our first free date from the site.




Ice cream sandwiches. I mean, what else can you want in life?
I had the Peanut Butter Captain Crunch cookie with half Molten Chocolate Cake ice cream and Honeycomb ice cream. It may have been one of the best things I’ve eaten. David had the Potato Chip and Butterscotch cookies with the Whiskey Lucky Charms ice cream.

Anyone who mixes ice cream and cookies with cereal flavors is good in my book.


You better believe we both finished the whole thing!


Now that I am begining my cleanse tomorrow, I am looking forward to using more of How About We’s fitness based dates, or experiences, rather than desserts and food dates. I am pretty happy that I was able to fit in the Cool Haus date before my cleanse began, though!

I do want to specify that I was not approached to write a review about How About We or Cool Haus. I just thought this would be a fun post and I really enjoyed Cool Haus and I love the idea of How About We; it’s like Groupon for dates! I think it is especially beneficial for those who can never think of anything to do (like us!); it provides fresh, new, unique date ideas. It does not have to just be a romantic date, either. A lot of the options would be great to share with a friend!

And while we are not judging me for my last hurrah, we also had burger and fries that night from Umami.


Like I said, I am in need of this cleanse!

Where do you find inspiration for new date or friend outting ideas?

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  1. Oh this is such a fab idea! After looking at those pictures I’m feeling kinda hungry! Xx

  2. Jen said:

    Gosh, ice cream sandwiches must be the world’s most perfect food 😉 Cute photos! Good luck with the cleanse 🙂

  3. Valerie said:

    wow this looks so good! I definitely scream for ice scream 😉

  4. aissatoudiallo9195 said:

    That looks so yummy. I’m following you now. –

  5. Jac said:

    sigh. there’s nothing like a binge the day before a new diet. somehow everything tastes so much better
    xo jac

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