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In following with last week’s Seeking Health post about my 21 day cleanse, this week I’d like to talk about what goes onto your body, or rather your skin, because it is just as important as what goes inside your body.


The goal of this cleanse is to rid my body of the toxins that I’ve put inside. This includes food and chemicals. We all know that there are harmful chemicals in processed foods that your body adsorbs, but I never thought about the chemicals in my lotions, hair products, and makeup. Of course skin absorbs chemicals! I can’t say I ever put two and two together and realized that what I put on my skin can be harmful for the insides of my body as well.

Luckily, around the time I decided to participate in the cleanse, my soon to be sister in law also invited me to the Gingi showroom, a natural ingredient unisex skincare line; Gingi has even been embraced by Hollywood celebrites and the Academy Awards. During our visit, we were graciously gifted some samples and I have been using them for the past few weeks.

I am impressed.


My skincare routine has also been very simple; I wash my face in the showing, slather on some moisturizer and if I am wearing makeup, use makeup remover and a facial towelette that night. The past couple of years I have been using Aveeno and I’ve never had any qualms, but I have also never been impressed. Gingi impressed me. My skin was instantly softer, more evenly toned, and less oily by the time I woke up in the morning.

I knew it was time for an adult skincare routine and I am so glad I was able to discover Gingi. Not only are the products all natural, and do what they promise to, the company is all about quality; Quality for the products they produce, quality for the presentation and quality of marketing. Gingi’s lovely owner, Ginger, invited us back after our intial visit to teach us more about the line; I love that she is so careful to teach others about the line; such integrity!


Although I was gifted samples of the Gingi line, all opinions expressed in this post are completely mine. I have been and am currently using Gingi products as my regular skincare routine including the following: Deep Comforting Cleanser, Green Tea Face and Body Mist, Tranquil Eye Make-up Remover, Instant Eye Lift Cream, and the Moisturizing Firming Gel.

If you are interested in purchasing Gingi skincare products, please use the following code: gingikb at GingiSkinCare.Com to save 10%!

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  1. isida said:

    I love all natural and organic skincare products and have a been a huge fan of organic cold pressed coconut oil. I’d be really interested in trying this out, thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  2. Jac said:

    thanks for sharing that. i also use aveeno and while i haven’t had any problems, i also haven’t seen a difference in my skin looking any better or different. i’m getting to that age where i should really start taking care of my skin, so i’m always happy to have recommendations!
    xo jac

  3. Thats great that this cleanse is really working for you.

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