What I thifted this (last) month

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I told you What I Thrifted would be back! I did almost forget, but since we are still within the first week of March, I give myself a pass for being a bit late posting my February finds. My internet has been down a few days as well, and that makes blogging very difficult. There is only so many hours I can spend at Panera or Starbucks mooching internet and refilling my tea!

I have been in a bit of a thrift break. Not necessarily on purpose or because of a self imposed ban, just out of lack of time, funds, and inspiration. It did feel really good to go with my Crossroads gift card and being able to treat myself a bit!

All of my February finds were found at Crossroads Trading Co on Melrose in Los Angeles. I didn’t find much, but I do think I found some really fun pieces!

I got my stripes covered!

Top, $8.50 // Bottoms, $20


And I got my color and my prints covered!

Bottoms, $18.50 // Palazzo Pants, $18.50

Do this pants look familiar? They are a little lighter in natural light!


Speaking of finding fun things, I discovered a photo studio in downtown LA that has open studio time twice a month for models, photographers, makeup artists and stylists. David and I decided to try it out last night and it was so much fun! They have at least 10 different types of sets and set ups. These photos were taken on the white backdrop, which is why they look like stock photos. We were there for a few hours and actually shot photos for five upcoming blog posts! I think we found a good solution for when our schedules may not sync up for photos; I can plan upcoming posts and we can bang a bunch out in one night.


I do prefer taking my photos more naturally, the day I am actually wearing the outfit, but when you don’t have time, you have to make time! It’s nice to know we will have a back up plan when we need one!

How do you maintain your blog posts when your schedule with your “photographer” does not sync or there are extreme weather conditions that make it difficult to shoot outdoors?

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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  1. Jen said:

    What killer finds! Loving the stripes especially 🙂

  2. nikki said:

    love these finds! and girl, i feel ya. i am so ready for daylight savings so i can start to enjoy some sunlight in the evenings before i get home from work! right now, i’ve just been doing a bunch of posts on the weekends so i don’t fall behind 🙂



  3. ediot said:

    nice pieces you have there
    wish you a good weekend

  4. Well I do not take a lot of photos of myself or do too many posing posts. But WOW how cool is that!!! Wish there was something like it in NY.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. Jac said:

    if our scheduled don’t coincide, i will usually just put the same outfit together on another day when i know we will have time to take photos. but you’re right, it does feel better when you take photos on the day you’re actually wearing the outfit. i love those striped pants!
    xo jac

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