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Sometimes wanting something is not enough to achieve success. Alright, most of the time. You have to put the work and effort into to it to achieve your goals. As if it’s not hard enough to eat healthy and work out, I know when I go on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook, all I see are photos of people’s food. You know what kind of food I’m talking about, too. Let’s just say that no one takes pictures of and boasts about eating carrots and hummus!

I already follow quite a few healthy Pinterest pages, but I’ve just recently started to follow healthy and inspirational Instagram accounts. By now, every other photo on my feed is a gym video, training routine, or healthy recipe. It is just another little reminder and a bit more motivation throughout the day that helps to remind me to stay on track.


Take a look at a few of my favorite healthy and #fitsperation Instagram accounts!

  • I Am Fitmiss: Fit Miss is a woman’s supplment company, but I follow their Instagram account. I do not use their products, nor do I plan to. I follow this account because they post really great workout routines, created by Chady D (another Instagram you should follow for inspiration)! When I am lacking inspiration or want to add a bit of a boost to my planned workout, I always check the I am Fitmiss Instagram for a routine!
  • Instagram Fitness: Motivational memes and videos. Instagram Fitness is all about promoting a strong, healthy body. I love that they also share photos from other Insagrammers, helping to show real people’s progress and tips.
  • Fit Happy and Healthy: Any Instagram account that uses Ryan Gosling memes to help me put down a cupcake is good in my book!
  • Fitness TipzFitness Tipz shares real information and tips for healthly lifestyles: Examples of the right foods to eat, what a certain exercise will help you acheive, and short workout routines.


  • Training Routines: Another account that I can go to to find quick, easy workouts to supplement my own planned workout for the day. They share a really great variety, so there is definitely going to be routines for you; cardio and strength!
  • Gym Videos: There is only so much that a written routine can do for you, if you don’t know what you’re reading or how to properly perform them. I really like this account because it uses videos of gym workouts. It’s another thing that really pumps me up and gets me ready to get to the gym.
  • Married to the Gym: Another great account and boasts a healthy, strong body image and lifestyle.
  • Randi Kennedy: Randi is a NPAA bikini pro competitor. I am not setting out to be a bikini competitor or a body builder of any kind, but I really like Randi for how she presents herself and her detication to her craft.


I follow so many more, but these were just a few of my favorites! Do you follow any fitness and health Instagram accounts? I’d love if you shared you favorites in the comments!

Don’t get my wrong, I also follow a ton of food bloggers and the other half of my feed is cupcakes and cookies! It’s all about moderation.

Please remember, there is a difference between inspirational and motivational fitness and health Instagram accounts, and those accounts that exist to promote thinness. If you follow accounts that seem to only promote being skinny, and not healthy ways to achieve fitness, please report that account and do not follow it. You may not know it or have any history, but being exposed to pro eating disorder accounts may trigger something in you and I would never want anyone to develop unhealthy habits.


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  1. Hi Tyler! Yes, I am halfway through the 3 week cleanse! So far, so good! I have only had a few jealousy cravings when getting together with my friends, but in the end felt much better about sticking with it because I know all too well how I would feel if I broke the cleanse.

    xo Jennifer

  2. jac said:

    after looking at all the yummy food on pintrest, i usually look at all the in shape girls and how cute they look in cute clothes, and that usually stops my cravings dead in their tracks 😉
    xo jac

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