Modcloth: A stylish union

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I have been so lucky to be able to work with ModCloth so many times! I could not imagine a nicer, more fun group of people. It is so refreshing to look forward to going to work!

Check out the latest style book that I shot with ModCloth: A Stylish Union!

It was so fun to dress up in bridal wear as I am planning my own wedding. The set stylists did such a beautiful job styling the set, I even had to take photos of the set on my phone for my own inspiration!

I am back on set with ModCloth today shooting for their May campaign, so I felt it was fitting to share some of my latest photos with them! Check out the entire stylebook HERE.








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  1. Man, I’m starting to wish I had held off on getting married a few more years – that first dress is amazing, and would have been perfect for me!

    Beautiful photos, and I love the bridesmaids dresses!

  2. Jen said:

    Wow, Modcloth makes some lovely bridal gowns! How exciting that you got to be involved in this shot as you prep for your own wedding. You look stunning! xo

  3. Jessica said:

    You look beautiful. This sounds so much fun!

  4. RoselyC said:

    You look stunning! And the dresses are gorgeous.

  5. Angi said:

    Wow you look beautiful!! Your hair! Love the short bridesdress.

  6. Jac said:

    how fun! i love the first dress, but the second dress with the flower crown is so beautiful too!
    xo jac

  7. You look stunning!!! Your makeup and hair are flawless!

  8. wow, you look amazing! i love modcloth’s items, so so beautiful 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

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