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I apologize for the lack of my own photos in this post!

Strong is the new skinny, sexy, and overall trend, right?


Lately, the new thing in women’s health and fitness is exactly that, actual health and fitness. My work out routine used to consist of 90% cardio; bootcamp classes that incorporated light weights, but focused on cardio moves to keep your heart rate high, and lots of running on the weekends. This worked for me, until recently. I got to a point where my body needed to begin building muscle and toning, and not necessarily lose a large amount of fat. Even though I changed up the type of cardio that I did, I stopped seeing the results that I was used to.

That’s where weight lifting comes in.

I have recently switched up my routine by adding a lot more weights and easing up on the cardio. It’s been about three weeks since I began following this four week routine that I found on I could not be more excited about the results. No, I’m not nearly at my goal, but I can tell that I am getting strong, I can already see more definition , and I just noticed that my arm flab has decreased! I think most woman can agree that is one area they hate they most! Now, instead of focusing on group cardio classes that incorporate small weights, I have been focusing on weight lifting. My usual workout now consists of running a mile to the gym, completing my lift routine, and running the mile home. The plan also include two days of full cardio, so don’t worry if you love cardio, you don’t have to give up on it. You shouldn’t, it’s important as well; just add to it!

I highly recommend that if you are looking for a new training routine that includes weights, to check out and find a plan specified towards you goals! There is a plan for everyone!

Although I only have one week left on the current plan I am following, I look forward to changing it up and finding another and continuing with weight lifting. I am definitely motivated to look good in my upcoming wedding dress; toning my arms, back, and shoulders is my current goal!

I know some women are a bit put off by heavy weight lifting, and I understand why if you have not done the research or tried it for yourself. You will not get bulky like a man. That is the number one misconception. You may gain weight, because the muscle weighs more than fat, but it takes up less room, so do not be afraid of the number on the scale. In fact, throw your scale away! That is a whole other top of conversation saved for another post, though!

Here are a few more resources and articles to help you learn more about weight lifting for women. If you are looking to tone and tighten up, lifting is your answer!prev

I hope I am not coming off as preachy about this topic, if your current routine is working for you, that’s wonderful; everyone’s body is different! I am just excited to share this topic because it is something new that I have started trying and in three short weeks, I can see enough results to know that it is something that I look forward to continuing.

One last bit of advice, get gloves. Depending on the types of weights you use, you might get blisters!. Why they would ever make them with those sharp ridges is beyond me!

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  1. I totally agree with you! I started doing crossfit about 6 months ago, which has quite a bit of weightlifting. I’m excited that I’m actually getting stronger with less time at the gym. Yay for fit and strong over skinny 🙂


  2. A lot of my students write their English research papers on fitness topics, and one that keeps coming up time and time again is how hell-bent the fitness industry is on making women into cardboard cutouts of each other, and how much of the focus of workouts “made for women” are so cardio-heavy…especially running. A few of my students have even petitioned their recreation center to offer more weightlifting group classes, rather than more cycling/dancing/light weight classes. I hope someday the rec center listens, because there is a TON of research coming out now about just how important strength training is for women, both now and as they get older!

    Glad to hear you’re jumping on the bandwagon – and hopefully it’s something we can all add a bit more of into our workout routines!

  3. I have to agree being strong is important when trying to be healthy. Great post.

  4. Great post! I do mix in weights with my workout. I do half cardio and half strength for toning too.:) Happy weekend.

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