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These are the last set of photos from the studio night that we tried out a couple of weeks ago. While it was fun doing something a bit different, I’m not sure that the sets and background they offer are quite what I prefer for my outfit photos, which is why there is a lack of photos for this post. I do think that using the white background for Seeking Health posts can be fun, though!


 // Dress, Hat, Purse: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Jacket: Urban Outfitters //

 I am back to LA from my wedding planning trip in Sacramento, and things are moving along! Once we book the DJ and the photographer, we pretty much have the whole picture and will just need to start on all the DIY and small details and day of logisitics of everything! It is very much a rustic, picnic theme! I know I keep saying I will share updates, but I really will later this week!

This is definitely a time in my life that is filled with excitment as well as anxiety and fear. Getting married is scary! I have never liked change; even positive change, has always been a hard adjustment for me. I think I am programmed for routine. Which is super lame, right? I was straight up just born an old lady. And not the super cool old ladies, like those purple hat ladies. I’d like to think I am a naturally fun, free wheelin’ kind of gal, but it has taken a lot for me to be able to let go of my anxiety and worries and just be.

I have definitely improved how I deal with change. Sometimes I crave change, even if I still have reservations, I do see myself making tiny baby steps towards acceptence that life is about movement, growth, and change, and all that being a good thing. Things may be good, but they cannot get better without change!

How do you deal with life changes? Do you like change or would you rather keep with a safe routine?


Raise your hand if you thought I chopped my hair off!

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  1. Keit said:

    I don’t think liking routine is generally a bad thing 😀 Most people feel like crap if they live a routine life, so I think it’s definitely a plus for you 😀

  2. enjoy all the detail planning for your wedding! that is exciting : D change most of the time is a good time, especially when its our choice!


  3. nikki said:

    i am the same way. i love my routines. it’s hard to stay open to change!! but when its for the best it’s easier to come around. ps. can’t wait to see more of your wedding planning!



  4. ediot said:

    great outfit. dig the hat

  5. Joy said:

    I’m also getting married this year and yes, it’s a scary thing. I’m actually flipping it to my advantage because when you’re married- it can always be an adventure.
    P.S. Yes, I thought you cut your hair 😛

  6. Indy said:

    What a great outfit! I love the hat especially!

  7. jac said:

    getting married is super scary, but also one of the best times of your life! p.s. i think you’re hair would be so cute short!
    xo jac

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