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Another day, another train ride!

I am homeward bound to Sacramento for the 4th of July holiday and a bit of wedding planning! My Grandpa’s birthday is the 4th of July and with such a large family (my Dad grew up with 9 brothers and sisters!), we have always had a family 4th party; we’ve always joked that he is so loved that the whole country celebrates his birthday! This is the first year that he is not with us on this day and it will be a bit hard not to see him, but we are continuing the family celebration in his honor. It is very much a casual backyard BBQ potluck with a small backyard fireworks show, hosted by my Dad who is the most entertaining person I know. It has always been one of my favorite holidays!

David was kind enough to snap these photos for me when he was dropping me off at the bus this morning. I had a different post planned for today that for timing reasons, we could not shoot for, so since we had about 10 minutes to wait for the bus, we snapped these quickly! This is my typical go to kind of outfit, especially with traveling, notice the layers! Nothing special or to write home about, but so comfortable and so typically just me.

These were taken on my very outdate iPhone camera and edited in Afterlight on the bus. I usually use a bit more of faded, vintage filters on my Instagram, but not my blog posts. This is a bit of a different look than what this blog is used to, but I love the old, faded look!


// Top: Nordstrom Rack // Jeans + Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters // Hat: Free People // Denim Top + Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co //

Apparently I was going for a bit of an urban cowboy look. And I am totally down with that.





Now to get back to watching the new Kate + 8 TLC special on this train. Yes, you read that right! my love of docu-reality TV will never fade.

p.s. Happiest of birthdays to my baby sister! She may be younger, but I look up to her as an inspiration!

image (2)

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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    • I made a bee line for it right when I spotted it in the store! Haha


  1. Love the photos! You always look so effortlessly cool ❤ Your hair is gorgeous and you totally suit this hat! 🙂

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