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With our upcoming wedding being in Sacramento while we live in Los Angeles, I have been coming up to Sacramento a bit more often and staying just a little longer more than usual. When I am in my usual routine, I visit the gym 5-6 times a week and take my favorite group classes and maybe do a bit of running as well, but I don’t have access to a gym when I am home, because I am not about to pay for two gym memberships. I know there are gym memberships that allow you to use any of the locations in the state, or even country, and I wish I could afford one of those gyms, but my local Los Angeles gym is only $20 a month and I’ve really found classes and instructors that I enjoy and that is worth much more than unlimited access during traveling. I need the comradery to stay motivated!

Now that I have gone off on a tagent, my point is: it can be difficult to stick to a regular work out schedule when you are traveling and don’t have access to a gym. I have a not so secret solution for you, though!

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BodyRockTV  // The Daily HIIT 

BodyRock TV provides daily workouts and 21 day, 30 day, and 60 day real time work out challenges. Sometimes the workouts in the challenges are just 12 minutes long.  I know you have 12 minutes a day! When I am following these challenges, I usually stack them and do about five in a row to make up a full hour or more of a bootcamp type class. There is equipment involved in the videos, like the sandbag or equalizer bar, but I just typically use two hand held weights instead. They are also very good at showing alternate ways to do the exercises if you need moderations or do not have the equipment. The HIIT: Hight Intensity Interval Training module is typically followed in their work out routines, which is the real secret of faster results. This is my favorite type of training. Stagnant exercises and long form running are much too boring for me!  In addition to workouts, if you follow their Facebook page or blog, you have access to extra tips and health topic discussions.

And let me tell you, doing a 12 minute workout does raise your heart rate and get you warm, but doing five rounds of these work outs can be killer! When I follow these videos, challenges and other daily workouts, I see results pretty quickly and even some definition in my abs, which is really difficult for me to achieve. You can find the workouts at the BodyRock TV web site, YouTube page, and Pinterest.

There are actually some advantages of having to work out at home, or at a park: you get to customize your work out and not be intimidated by others around you! Best of all, it’s free!

If you travel often, cannot afford a gym, or only have the 12 random minutes in a day to work out, I highly suggest checking out BodyRock TV and giving it a chance. No one every regrets a work out, especially not a 12 minute one!

Edit to add: After today’s HIIT sesson! Red faced, sweat pouring down and already sore.


Let me know if you check it out and if you’re interested, maybe we can form a little motivation group and go through a challenge together!

When you travel, do you try to keep up with your normal work out routine? Do you have any tips or tricks?

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    • Let me know if you want to do one and we can support each other!


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