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Mr. and Mrs. Bender are taking off for their honeymoon tomorrow! Who are Mr. and Mrs. Bender, you ask? It is me and my new husband! It is very strange to say husband out loud still; I feel like a child playing house, like people won’t believe me. I feel really dumb admitting this, but whenever I say husband, I try to make sure the person sees my ring, even if I just fix my hair or adjust a piece of clothing. It is so silly! It took me a long time to get used to saying boyfriend, and then fiancé, and I think it may take a bit longer to get used to saying husband! Many people have asked me if it feels any different, and I actually feel a bit bad saying that it doesn’t. It does not feel different, yet. I think once we get back from the honeymoon and we get settled back into new husband-wife routine (however that may be different from a fiancé-fiancé routine, I have no idea!), it will start to feel different. We were together 8 years before we got married and lived together already, so perhaps that is why it may take a bit longer to feel “married” instead of just together.

I do like seeing that ring on his finger, though! It suits him well!

Yesterday I was with a friend of mine, who has also kind of let her blog slide a bit and we were talking about what we could do to pick it up and new things we could try and we got inspired and took outfit photos right then on her iPhone! We have decided to help each other out to keep us both accountable. Of course we make this faux pact two days before I leave for a week and a half and most likely will not be posting! Once I get back, I will hopefully have wedding photos (eek!) and honeymoon photos to share!



// Sunglasses + Flower Crown: Urban Outfitters // Top: HauteLook (Whitney Eve) // Lana Lace Kimono: c/o Cali Free // Shorts: Melrose Trading Post // Shoes + Purse: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co //

I’ve worn this exact outfit more than I care to admit in just the past two weeks. Hey, if there are no pictures to document it, you can wear the same thing everyday! Actually, I still do that even if there are pictures. When you’re in love, you’re in love! I received this beautiful Lana Lace Kimono from Cali Free a while ago, had could not find the right outfit to pair it with. Once I matched all these pieces together, I loved it so much, it’s all I’ve wanted to wear! I’m on a mission to be able to style it a few more times because I love it so much!

I got this flower crown from Urban Outfitters for my rehearsal dinner, and just want to wear it everyday. It makes getting dressed so fun!




Also fun? Shooting outfit photos with a friend who actually gets it! It can be super awkward shooting with someone who doesn’t quite understand what a style or outfit blog is all about or why you would need so many pictures of yourself.


Photos by the lovely Michele!


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  1. Congratulations on your marriage! You look so happy! I can definitely see how marriage might not feel much different after 8 years of “dating.” I’ve been with my boyfriend 7 years and lived with him so I’m not sure being married would be that much of a change. I’m so happy for you though! Have a great time on your honeymoon!

  2. congratulations 😀 and that outfit is awesome, i wish i were somewhere where i could wear that, it’s just gray and rainy here!

  3. Jen said:

    Yayay! Huge congrats, Jennifer. Have an amazing time on your honeymoon! xo

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