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While we were in Portland during our honeymoon, we went to see three houses: Where I was born, where my mom grew up, and Pittock Mansion. Pittock Manson was the home of Henry Pittock and his family, the man who practically built Portland. It is just up the road from my mom’s childhood home and built on 46 acres. It’s currently a museum, that was unfortunately closed when we visited, and my mom, her sisters, and brother used to go up the hill to play there growing up. It was really nice to be able to see the area my mom grew up in, and be able to send her some photos of what everything looks like now.

I am so glad that I got the chance to see these places that are so special for our family; my mom says they all still look the same! If it wasn’t such a creepy thing to do, I would have knocked on the doors to see if I could go in. Since that would make me a crazy person, and since I have no memory of either place anyway, I decide it would be just fine to take pictures from the street.




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Ok, maybe a bit closer than the street. To be fair, this house looked like it was vacant. I was only hoping the neighbors weren’t peaking through their windows.

I was born upstairs in this house! My mom was able to get down to the car, and apparently I wasn’t having any of that and they had to go back inside so I could have my way; showing my stubborness from the very first day!

We went to my mom’s childhood home next! Oddly enough, I wanted to be able to see the inside of this house more than I did the one the was born and lived in. Unfortunately, this one was definitely occupied and I could have sworn I saw someone watching us from the kitchen window, so I tried to be as discrete as possible.

Or super obvious.



Just up the street from where my mom grew up is Pittock Mansion. This place was gorgeous! I actually had no idea the home was preserved as a museum, with all the original early 20th century furniture and decor, until we got there. The top of the hill has the most beautiful view of the city!


Super creep.



I can see why so many people still visit Pittock Mansion. There are picnic tables set up for people to sit and look at the view. I am hoping our next visit is not as far off as my last one (I had not been to Portland since I was 13) and I am already making a mental note to go back to the mansion.




Out of everywhere we went, Portland felt the most rushed. Most likely because it was the last city we were visiting and as a trip is begining to end, time always seems to rush by much too quickly for me. I start getting sad about the end of the trip before it’s even over!

I totally consider myself a California girl, afterall we moved when I was three months old, but I have such a special bond with Portland! I still have family there, who we were lucky enough to see while we were there, and my mom’s love of the city has really rubbed off on me. It must be why I prefer rain to sunshine!


Is it just me or have I lost my blog flow? I haven’t been consistant with everything going on lately. I feel like I don’t even know how to write anymore! If you call a little ‘ol style blog “writing”. What else would you call it? Blurbing seems appropriate. I feel like I don’t know how to blurb anymore.

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  1. Cheyenne said:

    lovely pictures! i’ve heard many good things about portland, hope to visit one day!
    xo, cheyenne

  2. Jen said:

    Ah, how lovely that you got to stop by such meaningful places! I still get so warm and fuzzy about my childhood home- amazing that you were born in yours! And the mansion is stunning- beautiful photos 🙂


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