Autumn Afternoon

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I think Los Angeles has finally gotten the memo about Fall! I wish the LA Fall season was as traditional as most, in the sense of lower than 70 degrees in temperature and leaves changing, etc; but I will take what I can get. Even if that means driving two hours to experience the type of Fall I am used to and absolutely in love with. David and I went on a mini road trip a couple hours away from LA to Riley’s Apple Farm in Oak Glen. The town is literally 300 acres of apple farms!

The last few, maybe even several, Sundays, we have literally done nothing. Last Sunday we planned to go apple picking, but did not realize the time the farm closed and how far the drive was, so we had to nix it. We tried to make up for it by going to a flea market, but my hopes were already dashed. Other than that little outing, we’ve used Sundays for homemade brunch and sleep. While I enjoy both of those immensely, it made it hard to get moving once Monday morning came.

So, this weekend was the weekend! It’s November, there’s a slight chill in the air, and I am so obsessed with Fall and the holidays that I could not wait any longer! You know all those “basic girl” activites? All me.




// Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Top: Nordstrom Rack (Free People) // Jeans, Boots, + Hat: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co //

Who knew apple picking was so expensive. A pound of apples was three times the cost of apples from a grocery store, and we were the ones doing the work! I know, I know, it’s all about the experience and the ambiance. I definitely appreciate the experience, so I need to find some really great recipes to use all these fresh apples! I’m thinking lots of breads! Any recipe suggestions?

p.s. Dying for these clouds.



I’ve only been apple picking one other time, up in Northern California, and they did not have many activites on the property. Riley’s Apple Farm had archery, knife throwing, tomahawks, hay rides, apple cider making, and more! Though, the selection and quality of apples in the Northern California orchid was much better. We didn’t realize we would actually spend the whole day at the farm until we got there and saw how much there was to do.

Unforutnately, we suck at all the activites you need skills for. David was pretty good at archery, but we weren’t able to stick the tomahawks or the knives. I guess we’ll have to go back for more practice!

It was so, so cold up in Oak Glen. I definitely did not have the right amount of layers on! It made me excited to go home and cuddle up with a warm cup of the homemade (er, farm made?) apple cider that we made that day!

We made two gallons of apple cider the old fashioned way! It is definitely the best I’ve had and I wish we got more. Don’t tell David; I thought he was crazy for thinking we needed two whole gallons for both of us!



I know, I know, photo overload. I can’t help it when it comes to Fall and holiday activites! I am always the one at family functions with a camera in everyone’s face, and subsequently, everyone yelling at me to put it away. And then after the night or weekend is over, who gets asked if they have any pictures. Yeah, thought so!



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  1. Aw this is such a cute fall post. I can’t believe the apples were that much! Ours were actually cheaper than the store when I went out to the apple orchards.

  2. cheyenne said:

    that sounds so fun! lovely photos. 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

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