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 There is pumpkin apple bread baking in my oven and a marathon of Gilmore Girls on my Netflix. Tis a good Fall night. Netflix is absolutely ruining my life, though. Netflix marathons are dangerous! I never watched Gilmore Girls when it was originally on, though, so some might say that I am catching up on what I should have experienced in my teenage years. What are your favorite Netflix series to marathon?

In other news, I ran my first 10 minute mile! Well, 10 minutes and 2 seconds, but my Nike Running app didn’t start as soon as I started, so I’m going to throw those 2 seconds away. My miles are usually 11-12 minutes, so my new record is pretty exciting. To be honest, the next 3.5 miles were much slower, but I’m working on it! Putting it out in the universe: I’m hoping to start getting in marathons next year. Nothing crazy, not a full marathon, but eventually up to a half by the end of nexy year. I’d also love to do some of those obstacle course marathons, like Tough Mudder.

That’s pretty much all that is new for me. Gilmore Girls and a 10 minute mile. Exciting days I lead.

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

// Dress, Boots, + Hat: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Vest: H&M //

When in doubt, wear black, right?

Also, a shirt dress with pockets. It can’t get any better than that!

photo 4

photo 5

photo 2

I wore this on a way too hot for Autumn day last weekend on the video shoot set for the new Act as If video for their new single “Uh Huh”. You might know Act as If if you are local to Los Angeles, they are in a pretty good rotation on local radio stations, but if you don’t know them, you’re missing out! I may be biased because this is the second video my friend directed for them, and my husband is editing, but I listened to their new album, Steady, that came out this week, and I can absolutely say that even if I didn’t know the band, I would still be listening on repeat! You can get it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify! Yeah, I said SPOTIFY. Take that, Taylor Swift!

I am excited to share the video with you when it’s done. You may or may not see a glimpse of me in the back. It depends on if my husband takes my bribes and puts me in it!

photo 3

photo 4

When in doubt, what do you throw on?

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  1. cheyenne said:

    congrats on the mile! it’s always nice to see & feel the progress when running. 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  2. I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls for the first time too. I’ve really been enjoying it but it’s sucking up a good couple hours each evening! Also hooray on your 10 minute mile. I’ve been trying to get into running and mine are usually around 11.5 minutes. That’s an awesome improvement!

  3. Rebecca said:

    Awesome! Im loving all black for this autumn too, and it looks greatnon you. Congrats on your ten min mile!!!

  4. I’ve been trying to motivate myself to go running… Not happening & the 10K I’m running for Thanksgiving is coming up way to quickly. What’s your motivation!? Can you share some of it with me?

  5. you are gorgeous! and congrats on the new record– i would love to get to a 10 minute mile. i’m almost there! and as for netflix, law and order: SVU is my jam right now haha

    xx nikki

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