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It’s Christmas time again! Yes, we still have to get through Thanksgiving, and I love Thanksgiving; it’s my second favorite holiday! But Christmas is my favorite thing ever! Christmas starts super early for me and I know I get super annoying to most people around me, but now everyone has pretty much accepted that the Christmas season starts before Thanksgiving. The Grove in LA is one of my favorite places during the Christmas season! The lights, the tree, the (fake) snow; it’s all so pretty!

We were going to go to The Grove’s Christmas tree lighting this weekend, but since we were not interested in any of the performers and we did not want to get there super early for just a chance to see these performers we did not care about, so we decided to wait and went Monday night. Sorry for the dark photos; I don’t normally do night photos, but I really love these ones because of all the Christmas lights. I definitely am in favor of the little white lights being a year around decoration. It makes city streets so much prettier!

Also, we saw Tom Bergeron at dinner and pretended to take a front facing selfie to get the darkest, blurriest picture of him to send to my mom. I’m cool.

photo 2

photo 3

// Dress: c/o Crossroads Trading Co // Jacket: Heart Clothing Boutique // Hat & Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co //

photo 1


photo 5


I am headed home for Thanksgiving tomorrow! I know it is a bit early, but David is burried in work until Thanksgiving, so I thought it might be easier for me to stay out of his way by simply not being here. I have not visited home since the wedding, which was almost three months ago and that is quite a while for me, so I am super excited to see my family and my friends! We still have not had a chance to go through all the wedding photos and share them with anyone, so I am planning to force get together with my mom and sister and gush over them!

David will meet me in Sacramento the day before Thanksgiving, so we will still be spending the holiday together! My mom’s family comes into town and stays with us just that one day/night. We usually spend the day playing games with football in the background and at night my mom and aunt do the whole Black Friday thing whenever it happens to start that year, while the” kids” (who are all over 21 now) and dads, usually stay home with movies and finish all the pie. I think this year we may be spending some time at my brother’s bar Thanksgiving night, since my youngest cousin is finally 21!

My favorite part of Thanksgiving – besides all the food, family, love, blah blah – is our white elephant tradition. My mom and aunt gather up silly gifts for us to do a white elephant gift exchange each year. I don’t think anything is usually over $5, and they are the weirdest things they can find. One thing that comes to my mind is the “chicken poo” chapstick. Super yummy, right? Every year since this started, we have had a rubber fruit cake loaf and whoever gets it has to bring it back the next year!

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?




I actually have a list of other Christmas trees to go visit this year, including the, apparently, tallest Christmas tree in the country at the Citadel Outlets. It is 40-feet taller than the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York City!


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  1. Jen said:

    What a gorgeous dress- love the boho feel! Christmas is my favourite too and these decorations look beautiful. Have a great Thanksgiving! xo


  2. I’m looking forward to the holidays and Thanksgiving too! That’s great that your youngest cousin is turning 21! I love hanging with my cousins.
    Also I think you look awesome here. There’s such a cool 70s vibe that you always pull off so well.

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