I’ll Just Keep On Making the Same Mistakes

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Apparently I don’t like looking directly into the camera! It must mean that I am becoming a real blogger, right? Just like having my jacket on my shoulders. What an annoying blogger habit, huh? Hey, I read forums, I know the snark surrounding bloggers. No one actally wears their jacket on their shoulders in real life, do they? Well, I do sometimes. Maybe not for a long period of time; possibly from the car to the door if it’s chilly. I get it, bloggers have some silly habits: jackets on shoulders, pretend walking, writing about their life like they crap roses and sunshine. I try not to commit any of those faux paus, but sometimes, it really is the best way to show off an outfit.

It’s all silly really. Who cares if someone takes a picture of an outfit on a day they didn’t actually wear it, kind of, sort of like this one. The one I stay away from is photoshop. Not only because I have no idea how to use photoshop, but because that’s just a lie; to your readers and yourself! I color my photos (on an iPhone app nonetheless, so cool, so professonal), but every little freckle is all me. It can be kind of hilarious to see how far some bloggers go. I don’t need to name names. It’s obvious enough. It’s also obvious it stems from deep self esteem issues. If you’re reading this: You. Are. Beautiful.




// Jacket and Skirt: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Top: HauteLook // Boots: Thrifted via Salvation Army // Necklace: Forever 21 // Turban Headband: (available here) c/o Crossroads Trading Co //

Does anyone else ready snarky blogger comments? Is it terrible that I do? It’s an addiction! I don’t chime in often because, really, there’s no reason to be mean to someone you don’t know for such supercifical reasons, but as a blogger sometimes I can take some advice from these readers, even if they aren’t talking about me specifically. That’s right, my blog isn’t cool enough to be talked about. Dude, I am all sorts of sick if I want my blog to be snarked on.

What are your favorite blogger faux paus?





Currently listening to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Outloud” single on repeat. This was the song for our first dance at the wedding and I often listen to it on repeat for an embarassing amount of time. It makes me smile to remember our first dance. It was perfect. We took two dance classes and did exactly zero planned steps. We probably did about 3 dips because it was the only move we knew.

I also already miss my husband and I’ve only been away for a day. Super sappy, right.

I am, however, enjoying the real Fall weather in Nor Cal. Definitely not where I wore this outfit. I would have froze!


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  1. Yea, I read one certain snark forum from time to time. It’s pretty funny and a lot of it is true.
    As for blogger faux pas I know there are some things that really annoy me, but I can’t really think of them at the moment, ha ha… Except for when you can tell someone has obviously photoshopped. Sometimes I’ll take out a gross pimple or something weird like that, but I would never make myself look skinnier than I am.
    Loving this outfit thought!

  2. Sue said:

    Loving the easiness of this outfit! I am guilty of doing the pretend walking haha 😀

  3. I sometimes try to wear my jacket on my shoulders because “ikt’s such a blogger thing to do” but I have to take it off or wear it the normal way after some minutes because I find it so annoying when it constantly slips from one of my two shoulders, grrr…
    Anyways, I love your outfit here! It spreads such awesome 70s vintage vibes with the colours and the headband! I always love your hair, I wish mine was long again.

    I love that Ed Sheeran song too btw! ❤

    Happy Friday!

  4. Jen said:

    What a gorgeous Fall outfit, Jennifer! Love the warm, autumn colours and the way you paired them with that jacket! Have a great weekend 🙂


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