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I think I’m growing a unicorn horn. This is just based on the ginormous zit in between my eyes. I guess it’s safe to say that it is fairly obvious I don’t photoshop any of my blog photos. I don’t even have photoshop. David tried to teach me once on his Mac, so that I could take over the color correcting duties he so graciously handled for me, and I was over it in about 10 minutes. Technoloy is not my forte. All my photos are now color corrected on an app on my phone. That’s enough technology for me to handle.

In other news: I am an old lady.

I wore this get up ( <— see!), for a Sunday of Christmas errands with David. Errands are not my favorite thing to do, I am sure a statement many would echo, but come Christmas time, I love nothing more than running around town trying to get everything checked off my list. I think half the reason is that everything is decorated so beautifully this time of year!


photo 1

// Jeans, Top, Sunglasses + Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Plum Blue Open Coat: c/o Crossroads Trading Co // Hat: Urban Outfitters

Weekend errands definitely call for comfort: boyfriend jeans and no makeup embody comfort!

Last Friday we decorated our Christmas tree and I commented that we should get some ornaments on clearance after Christmas to start building up our collection; the majority of our ornaments now are just balls from the 99 Cent Store, so classy. During our errand run, David surprised me with a new Christmas tradition: Each year, we will buy each other new Christmas tree ornaments and gift them on the night we decorate the tree. It was such a sweet gesture because he knows how crazy about Chrismas I am, and he tolerates a lot of cheesy Christmas movies, tree lighting celebrations, and Christmas music from me this time of year.

photo (2)

The most cheese-tastic part of the whole story? We went to Hallmark and took turns picking out ornaments alone and when we exchanged them, it turns out we picked out the exact same ornament for each other for the exact same reason (an inside joke)! So sweet, it hurts! We ended up exchanging one of them since we each had also picked a second one just in case. Here is a photo of our first two ornaments! The one we both picked out was the ginerbread cookie and milk ornament. We exchanged mine and I gave him my second choice of the drummer.

it’s really exciting to begin to start our own traditions now that we’re married!

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

2 (1)

4 (2)

Is everyone ready for Christmas? It’s still a bit early (for me, anyway!), but I tend to get most of my gifts online so that I’m able to get the best deal, so I’m about halfway done with shopping, I think. I also happen to be a bit crazy and add last minute, unecessary details here and there the few days leading up to Christmas because I’m worried someone won’t get exactly everything on their wish list. I am trying my hardest not to do that this year, I’m on a bit of a budget and I’m such a tight wad as it is, but Christmas brings out my festive side and sometimes I don’t even realize what I’m doing.

I am trying a bit of DIY this year for the first time. If it’s successful, I will be sure to share! I can’t say too much because people may read this blog who will be receivers. Most likely, the few out there who visit every so often aren’t any of my family members, but I wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises!

4 (1)

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  1. Best of luck with the DIY gifts! I love hearing that people still do that from time to time…gives me hope that one day, I too will pull off something that amazing (if I can think of it before December 9th). 🙂

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